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We don't know for sure. He just stops... and they don't know what happened to him.

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After David leaves Waknuk, Mark is captured and tortured by the authorities as they try to extract information about David and his group. He refuses to give up any information and ultimately dies as a martyr for the cause of preserving their way of life.

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Q: In the novel the Chrysalids what happens to Mark after David leaves Waknuk?
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Who was allan from the chrysalids?

Allan discovered Sophie had six toes when David and Sophie were fishing for shrimps. This led the Wenders to flee Waknuk.

What is the climax in the chrysalids?

The climax in "The Chrysalids" occurs when the Waknuk community discovers that David and his friends are telepaths. This revelation leads to a confrontation between the telepaths and the community, ultimately resulting in David and his group fleeing to the Fringes for safety.

How is David trustworthy in the chrysalids?

David is trustworthy in "The Chrysalids" because he remains loyal to his friends and family, particularly to his telepathic group. He is honest and brave, standing up against the oppressive society in Waknuk to protect his loved ones. David's integrity and sense of morality make him a reliable character throughout the novel.

What is an example of an external conflict in the Chrysalids?

An example of an external conflict in "The Chrysalids" is when the Waknuk society discovers that David and other telepathic children have deviations and perceives them as mutants. This conflict involves the struggle between the telepathic children and the society's strict belief in genetic purity, leading to persecution and fear for the children's safety.

How was davids house different from sophies in the chrysalids?

David's house was different from Sophie's in "The Chrysalids" because it was located in Waknuk, a society with strict norms and beliefs about mutation. David's family followed the laws of Waknuk and enforced them strictly. Sophie's house, on the other hand, was in the Fringes where outcasts and mutants lived, outside the boundaries of Waknuk society.

How old were david and rosalind at the end of the chrysalids?

David and Rosalind were in their late teens at the end of "The Chrysalids."

What does the inspector accuse David of doing in the Chrysalids?

The inspector accuses David of being a blasphemer and having the ability to communicate telepathically with others, which is seen as a mutation and therefore a threat to the purity of Waknuk society in "The Chrysalids."

Who are the characters in the Chrysalids?


What is davids last name in the chrysalids?

David's last name in "The Chrysalids" is Strorm.

What are the names of places in The Chrysalids?

Waknuk is the place where David grows up. It and the surrounding communities are the ones that are very anti-mutant. The Fringes are further out, but come from the same community. These are the mutants, who have been rejected because they are not normal for whatever reason. Many of them have also been abused and made unable to reproduce by the Waknuk communities. Zealand is the place far away that David's sister is able to contact telepathically. It is the place where telepathy is celebrated, and they come to save David's sister so that she can breed for them and make their telepathy stronger.

What are some of the Literary devices found in the chrysalids?

Some literary devices found in "The Chrysalids" by John Wyndham include symbolism (e.g., deviations symbolize diversity), foreshadowing (e.g., David's telepathic abilities), irony (e.g., the punishment of those with mutations), and imagery (e.g., the vivid descriptions of Waknuk and the lands beyond).

How is Emily Strorm narrow minded in the Chrysalids?

Emily Strorm is narrow-minded in "The Chrysalids" because she strictly follows the beliefs of the society in Waknuk, especially when it comes to deviations. She is incapable of accepting any form of difference and is quick to judge and condemn those who do not fit the society's strict definition of normality. Her narrow-mindedness places her at odds with her son, David, and causes conflict within the family.