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The Quileute tribe traditionally relied on a diet centered around seafood such as salmon, halibut, and shellfish, supplemented with berries, roots, and plants gathered from the surrounding forests. They also hunted deer and other land animals for meat.

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Q: What did the Quileute tribe eat?
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How do you spell Quilent from twilight?

The correct spelling is "Quileute" from the Twilight series. The Quileute tribe is a fictional Native American tribe depicted in the books.

Was Jacob supposed to be leader of the Quileute tribe?

yes, the original quileute tribe leader was related to Jacob

What tribe is Jacob?


How do you spell the tribe Jacob Blacks in?

Quileute tribe

What is the name of tribe?

The name of Jacob Black's tribe is the Quileute tribe.

Where is the Quileute?

The Quileute Nation is a tribe of Native Americans indigenous to Washington State.

What Tribe does Jacob belongs to in new moon?

Jacob belongs to the Quileute 'pack' they are the protectors of the Quileute tribe. they are Werewolves/shape shifters.

What is the name of the tribe Jacob Black originates from?

The Quileute tribe.

What tribe is Jacob a member?

Jacob is part of the tribe called Quileute.

Which tribe does Jacob belong to?

Quileute pack.

What Indian tribe was Billy black is a member of?

Billy Black is a member of the Quileute tribe, a Native American tribe located in La Push, Washington. The Quileute tribe is known for their rich cultural heritage and traditions.

What tribe is Taylor laughtner from?

The Quileute Tribe pronounced in the film as cwil-ute