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"Oops," I mouthed. (When she made Edward say 'ow." - "I love you," I said, but it sounded like singing. My voice rang and shimmered like a bell. - "You've been holding out on me," I accused in my singing voice, my eyes narrowing a tiny bit.

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After Bella's transformation into a vampire in "Twilight," she becomes more beautiful, stronger, and faster. Her eyes turn red initially due to her feeding on human blood, but later turn golden as she switches to a diet of animal blood. Bella also gains heightened senses and mental abilities as a vampire.

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She looks exactly like herself. Just her eyes change. She is already as pale as vampires but she could get a little more pale

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Q: What does Bella look like after the transformation of turning to a vampire?
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Does Bella have a hard time transitioning into a vampire?

No actually. She's a natural it, like she was born for it. She's capable of resisten her vampire desires for human blood. She doesn't become a vampire until Breaking Dawn however. She begins her transformation at the end of Book 2: Jacob, and is completely transformed in Book 3: Bella.

Does Bella want to be a vampire?

Bella does want to be a vampire. She wants to be like the rest of her family. But Edward is very against it. D:

Will Bella be a good vampire it a bad vampire?

She will be a lame vampire like her sparkly emo boyfriend.

If you are pregnant and turned vampire what happens to the baby?

If a pregnant person turned into a vampire, it is commonly believed that the baby would not survive the transformation process. Vampires are undead and do not have the ability to sustain the life of a developing fetus. Therefore, the baby would likely die during or shortly after the transformation.

What will Bella look like as a vampire in Breaking Dawn?

like this :D

How can you be like Bella as a vampire?

paint your face white as a sheep

When will renesmee turn into a full vampire?

actually i don't think she does.....she is half vampire like edward and half human likk Bella when Bella was human...but you never know!

What is Bella like as a Vampire?

not clumsy, pretty, sparkly, strong, fast

Does Bella become a vampire like edward?

yes she does in breaking dawn

How does edward feel about Bella pregnancy?

At first Edward did not like it when Bella found out she was pregnant as it would eventually hurt and kill Bella in sort of a Vampire birth where it would chew it's way out of it's vampire-like vampire womb. But as time progresses, he hears the child's thoughts before its born and finds out it loves Bella and in the tries not to hurt her as it develops. He then loves the child because it loves Bella.

Why would Bella become most powerfull vampire if she became a vampire?

Bella has a gift that she is immune to all mind gifts. Like Edward cant hear Bella just like Aro. Jane cant hurt her with her mind painfulness. Alec cant make Bella feel nothing either. So when Bella becomes a vampire, she will be able to push the shield out from herself and defend others.

What does bella look like when shes a vampire?

bella will look the same but paler and have the same copper eyes the Cullens have.