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If the baby was a boy, they were going to name him EJ which is short for, Edward Jacob, after his fathers name and Bella's best friend.

If the baby was a girl, they'd name her Renesmee, a combination of Renee and Esmee put together the middle name would be carlie a combination of carlisle her father in law, and charlie her dads name the baby is actullay a girl so its name is Renesmee Carlie Cullen.

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Renesmee.It is a combo of Renee (Bella's mom) and Esmee (ed's mom). Her middle name is a combo of Eddie's dad(Carlisle) and Charlie(Bella's daddy). so her full name is Renesmee Carlie Cullen btw Jacob Taylor Lautner is so very sexy with his shirt off! I ah dor him!!!

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Edward and Bella name their daughter Renesmee, a combination of Bella's mother's name, Renee, and Edward's adoptive mother's name, Esme.

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Q: What does Edward and Bella name their baby?
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Why do Bella and edward name their baby Renesmee?

They wanted to name it after their moms. Edward- Esme. Bella- Renee.

What do Edward and Bella name the baby?


What does edward a Bella name there baby?

they named her renesmee

What did Bella and Edward decide to name the baby?


What is the name of the baby that edward and Bella have?

They name the girl Renesmee, a combination of the names Renee (Bella's mother) and Esme (Edward's mother).

How manny babies does Bella and edward have?

Edward and Bella have one baby together her name is Renessmee, Bella gives birth to her in Breaking Dawn.

Are Bella and edward going to have a baby in the book?

Yes Bella and Edward have a baby....

Why did Edward have to get the baby out of Bella?

Edward had to get the baby out of Bella because the baby would have suffocated no matter what.

Do edward and Bella really have a baby?

Yes her name is Renesmee

In breaking dawn what name did Bella choose if she was having a boy?

In Breaking Dawn, Bella was going to name her baby EJ. She wanted to name her baby after Edward.

Did Bella name her baby after someone?

Bella named her kid after her mom and Edward's step mother.

What is the name of Bella and Edwards baby?

Bella and Edwards baby is called Renesmee. It is a cross between Bellas mum (Renee) and Edwards mum (Esme).