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It is not an idiom. Idioms are expressions whose meaning cannot be derived from the meaning of the words in them. The meaning of the expression " to have an open mind" is perfectly clear.

It means to keep from making decisions without knowing all of the facts. A closed mind is one that is made up before the person knows all the facts. If you have an open mind, you are receptive to new ideas. If you have a closed mind, you are usually prejudiced and judgmental.

It means being free of intellectually bigotry and being tolerant of disparate ideas and opinions, as well as demonstrating a willingness to listen and understand -- but necessarily accept -- different or even eccentric points of view.

A person with an open mind doesn't reject an argument or an opinion before he hears it. He doesn't decide that something is bad or inferior because it's new or foreign to him. And he understands that different people will look at a situation and come to opposite conclusions based on their own personal perspectives, priorities, and proclivities.

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Having an open mind means being willing to consider new ideas, perspectives, or information without dismissing them immediately. It indicates a readiness to learn and explore different viewpoints, showing a flexible and receptive attitude towards change or alternative opinions.

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Q: What does the idiom have an open mind mean?
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