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Bella Swan, a character in the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer, is 17 years old in the first book "Twilight."

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Q: What is the age of Bella swan?
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Is Bella Swan single?

No, Bella Swan is not single.

What are two alternatives to Bella Swan's future?

Bella Swan can either become a vampire and live with Edward etermally, or she can live her human life with Edward but still age.

What is Bella swan unable to do as a vampire?

As a vampire, Bella Swan would be unable to age. Her bodily functions, including reproduction are basically paused, so she also wouldn't be able to conceive.

What is Bella Swan's whole name?

Her name is Bella Marie Swan.

What motivated Bella Swan?

Bella Swan's aim is to become a vampire

Who is Bella Swan's mother?

Renée Dwyer is the mother of Bella Swan.

What is Bella Swan's full name?

Isabella "Bella" Marie Swan (later Bella Marie Cullen)

What was Bella Swan's full name?

Bella swan is really Isabella swan ----- Her full name is Isabella Marie Swan.

Who is Bella Swan's mom?

Bella Swan's mom was named Renee.

Bella Swan's Mum's full name?

Bella Swan's mom's name is RENEE DEWAR - HER MARRIED NAME WAS SWAN.

What novel is the character Bella Swan from?

Bella Swan is a character from the popular Twilight series penned by Stephanie Meyer. This character was originally known as Isabella Marie "Bella" Swan and later as Bella Cullen.

Who is Bella Swan's English teacher?

Bella Swan's English teacher's name is Mr. Mason.