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"Aller" is the verb meaning "to go" and "avoir" means "to have"

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"Aller" is a verb that means "to go," used to indicate movement from one place to another. "Avoir" is a verb that means "to have," used to indicate possession or experience.

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Q: What is the difference between aller and avoir?
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How do you say where can I go to get in french?

Où dois-je aller pour avoir (the thing you want to have)?

What are french verbs?

être, avoir - (to be, to have)faire, aller, prendre (to do, to go, to take)aimer, finir, vouloir (to love /like, to finish, to want)

When to use etre and avoir for past tense in french?

In French, the choice between "être" and "avoir" for forming the past tense depends on the verb being used. Generally, "être" is used with verbs that indicate a change of state or movement, such as aller (to go), venir (to come), or naître (to be born). On the other hand, "avoir" is used with most other verbs. It is important to memorize which verbs require "être" and which require "avoir" in the past tense.

How do you say h-a-v-i-n-g in french?

"Je vais avoir une party" means 'I am having a party.'Vais is a conjugation of the verb Aller (to go*)Avoir is the verb to have**.So to be having** you must be going* to do something.Hope that helped.

How do you write the passe compose in french?

To form the passé composé in French, you typically use the auxiliary verb "avoir" or "être" followed by the past participle of the main verb. The choice between "avoir" and "être" depends on the verb being used and whether it is a transitive or intransitive verb. For example, with the verb "parler" (to speak), you would say "j'ai parlé" (I spoke) using the auxiliary "avoir."

How do you say 'to have' in French?

to have to is usually translated 'devoir' in French. Ex. I have to leave > je dois m'en aller.

What is the difference between 'to go' and ' to go to to attend' in french?

to go - aller to be there -être présent(e) (attendre means to wait for someone or something)

What is the French word for have?


What are the 1500 most used words in French?

(Applys only to the British) "Sorry"

What are the main french verbs?

Some of the main French verbs include "être" (to be), "avoir" (to have), "faire" (to do/make), "aller" (to go), and "prendre" (to take). These are commonly used and essential verbs in the French language.

Why is avoir an important verb in french?

like the verb "être" (to be), the verb "avoir" (to have) is not only a verb by itself but also an auxiliary verb. you can use it also with everyday situations: avoir faim, avoir soif, avoir sommeil = to be hungry, to be thirsty, to be sleepy avoir froid, avoir chaud = to be cold, to be hot

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