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he has blue eyes, which is very unusual in the community jonas lives.

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The bearded Elder, The Giver, was unusual because he had a beard, which was a physical characteristic that distinguished him from the other Elders in the community. The beard signified wisdom, experience, and knowledge, setting him apart as a figure of authority and guidance for the protagonist Jonas.

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it looks like poo!

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he has blue eyes

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Q: What was unusual about the appearance of the bearded Elder The Giver?
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What was unusual about the appearance of The Giver?

his blue eyes

In the giver who is the most important elder?

The receiver

What phrase did the Chief Elder say in the giver?

The Chief Elder says the phrase "Frightened people are dangerous" in "The Giver" by Lois Lowry.

Who is the most important elder in The Giver?

The most important elder in "The Giver" is the Receiver of Memory, who at the time of the story is the character known as The Giver. He holds the memories of the past and advises the community's leaders.

Who is the elders in the giver?

There is the chief elder who is the most important elder,and has general say over everyone.

What happens when an elder is released from the community in the giver?

They are put to death

What does the chef elder do in The Giver?

The Chief Elder in "The Giver" is responsible for leading the community's ceremonies and meetings. She is the one who assigns roles to the citizens of the community, including deciding who will be the new Receiver of Memory.

What is the of the naming elder mean in the giver?

In "The Giver," the naming of an elder is a ritual in the community where a newborn is given a name. The Elder who announces the name is responsible for observing the child's behaviors and characteristics to assign a fitting name. This tradition reinforces the community's value of conformity and control.

What happened to the chief elder in the giveR?

Nothing ever happened to the Chief Elder. She just wasn't really mentioned or seen after the ceromony.

Who is an elder naming in The Giver?

The elder who performs the naming ceremonies in "The Giver" is named The Chief Elder. She is responsible for assigning all the new children their names when they turn twelve during the annual Ceremony of Twelve.

Why does the Chief Elder apoligize to the country the giver?

she skipped jonas when she was reading off assignments

Why was Jonas skipped in The Giver?

In The Giver, Jonas was skipped during the Ceremony of Twelve because the Chief Elder realized that he had unique qualities that made him suitable to receive the memories of the past from the Giver. This was a special role that required someone with the capacity for empathy and deep emotions, which the leaders recognized in Jonas.