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Led by, Tigerstar and Brokenstar

Tigerstar - Deceased, Verified Place of No Stars member

Brokenstar - Deceased, Verified Place of No Stars member

Blackstar - Living, as of Fading Echoes

Russetfur - Deceased, Suspected StarClan member

Boulder - Deceased, Suspected StarClan member

Clawface - Deceased, Suspected Place of No Stars member

Jaggedtooth - Status Unknown, most likely deceased

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Was Stumpytail ever in league with Brokenstar after Brokenstar was exiled?
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(Full followers) Blackfoot, Clawface, Boulder. (Half followers) Russetfur, Jaggedtooth. You can include Stumpytail, though he never left with them.
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Tigerstar's rogues include Sasha and Scourge. Brokenstar's rogues include Darkstripe and Blackfoot.

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Q: Who are Tigerstar and Brokenstar's rogues?
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Was Tigerstar exiled for killing Redtail?

Partially, yes. Tigerstar was exiled for turning on his own Clan. This includes his murder of Redtail, but also, perhaps more significantly, his recruiting of rogues to attack ThunderClan and his plot to murder Bluestar. If he had not attacked Bluestar, giving Fireheart the opportunity to reveal the full extent of his betrayal, Redtail's murder may have remained a secret for many moons more.

What did Tigerstar do with Lionblaze?

Tigerstar trained Lionblaze in the Dark Forest, manipulating him to become a powerful warrior with dark intentions. Tigerstar exploited Lionblaze's potential and desire for power to further his own evil plans.

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What happen to tigerstar?

Well. In The Darkest Hour (The first series, 6th book), Scourge had killed Tigerstar. Then Tigerstar continued to torture other cats. In The Last Hope (Last series, 6th book), Firestar and Tigerstar have a battle. Firestar then kills Tigerstar and he fades away forever. Firestar then dies after as well.

What is Return to the Forest Tigerstar and Sasha by Erin Hunter about?

How Tigerstar and Sasha met.

What were Tigerstar's names?

Kit: Tigerkit Warrior-Apprentice: Tigerpaw Warrior: Tigerclaw Deputy: Tigerclaw Rogue: Tigerclaw Leader: Tigerstar MAIN: Tigerstar