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Yes daycares are required to carry liability insurance,the amount is determined by the size of the day care center

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Q: Are daycares required to carry liability insurance?
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Is a photographer required to carry insurance?

Yes, a photographer is required to carry professional liability insurance. A photographer will be denied shooting if they cannot prove that they have insurance.

Trucker who carry gas and oil carry how much insurance?

ALL CMVs are required to maintain $1,000,000 in liability insurance.

Is auto insurance required in the state of PA?

Auto insurance is a state law requirement in PA. You are only required to carry liability insurance.

What level of auto insurance do you have to carry in Pennsylvania?

You are required to carry a minimum of liability insurance on any vehicle that will be operated on public roads.

Is gerneral liability insurance for contractors required in the state of Calif?

As of this date, liability insurance is not required but SB2029 requires that home improvement contractors disclose to home owners in writing to any potential customer whether or not they carry commercial liability insurance.

How much general liability insurance should a tenant be required to carry?

Liability requirements should be commensurate with the risk expsoure excountered. One might ask, What is the maximum libility exposure of the tenant? This would be the amount of liability insurance to carry.

In Texas drivers are required by law to carry at least in automobile liability insurance for property damage.?

In Texas, Drivers are required to carry minimum liability limits for both property damage and personal injury to another.

What are the requirements for PA auto insurance?

In PA you are required to carry at least liability coverage. This is the law in most states.

Why is general contractor insurance required?

Contractors will be required to carry a minimum of public liability insurance when working on sites. This provides indemnity against damage to property or persons caused by the contractor, his staff or his equipment.

How much car insurance do you really need in Massachusetts?

You are required by law to carry Compulsary Insurance Only. This would be Liability and Property Damage. I believe the current limits are 20/40 Liability and 5,000 Property Damage.

How much premisis liability insurance does a k mart store carry?

That's up to Kmart. They can carry as much or as little coverage as they choose. There is no law that requires them to carry liability insurance at all.

Is the insurance company liable to replace a stolen car with only liability insurance?

If you only carry liability insurance, that is all that the insurance company is liable for in this state.