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Q: Can 6 year old boys have wet dreams?
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Is it okay to have wet dreams at sixteen?

It is normal and healthy for a sixteen year old, to have wet dreams.

Can a 2 year old have wet dreams?


Can a 12 year old have wet dreams?

yes they can

Does all boys have wet dreams?

because boys and girls are different the boys they have a wet and the girls they have sweet dream

Do wet dreams happen to boys and girls?

Yes. Wet dreams are more common in males and tend to be messier aswell though females also have wet dreams but they can go unnoticed.

What do you mean by wet dreams?

Sexual dreams that produce fluids while sleeping.Answer:Wet dreams are sex dreams in which boys ejaculate from the penis and girls produce moist fluids. Wet dreams are natural and represent a normal sign of puberty in both boys and girls, although they tend to be more noticeable and inconvenient for boys. Wet dreams are most frequent during youth, but occur occasionally throughout life as a release of sexual tension.

What bioligical reasons for such an occurrence of wet dreams?

Actually there has been no biological reason associated for having nocturnal emissions (wet dreams). It is very weakly correlated with masturbation, but only very weakly. Most boys will have wet dreams regardless of whether or not they masturbate. Some boys experience lots of wet dreams, while others never do.

Why don't boys like talking about wet dreams?

Because its embarrassing to them

How do boys have wet dreams?

Think of something erotic before you go to sleep.

Should you have wet dreams even though Im a 12 year old girl?

Yes erotic dreams are common at your age. You are most likely in puberty.

How to stop wet drems?

There is no way to stop nocturnal emissions (wet dreams). There is a weak correlation between increased masturbation and decreased wet dreams, but it is very weak. Most boys will still continue to have wet dreams regardless of whether they masturbate or not. But if you really want to stop having wet dreams, you can try masturbating to see if it works for you.

Does girls and boys have wet dreams?

They don't. A wet dream is what men refer to as the spontaneous disposal of old sperm/semen, usually during sleep. Women can get sexually exited during sleep leading to wetness but this cannot be described as a classic wet dream.