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Q: Is size 3y big kids the same as size 3y?
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What is size 3y?

size 3y is 3 youth.

What is Norris coles shoe size?


What size are small nike elite socks in shoe size?

The size for the medium nike elite socks are from 6-8.

What is the equation x equals 3y in standard form?

x = 3y x - 3y = 3y - 3y x - 3y = 3y - 3y x - 3y = 0

What is 3y(4y - x)?

It is the same as: 12y^2 -3xy

What does like terms mean?

Like terms are terms with the same variable to the same power. Examples: 2y and 3y are like terms. 2y and 2z are not like terms 4y squared and 3y squared are like terms 4y squared and 3y are not like terms

What is 3y plus 3y?

3y +3y = 6y

3y plus 4z plus 12y equals 3y?

3y + 4z + 12y = 3y -3y -3y ------------------------- 4z + 12y = 0 divide everything by 4 z + 3y = 0 -3y -3y z = -3y

What is the equation for 3y plus 3y equals -1?

The equation for 3y + 3y = -1 is 3y + 3y = -1.

What is the slope intercept form of the equation x-3y equals 3?

x-3y=3 is the same as -3y=-x+3 and now divide by -3 and you have y=(1/3)x-1 which is the slope intercept form.

Mrs Crew bought 4 pencils and 3 pens for 5.60 Miss Houston bought 2 pencils and 3 pens of the same kind for 4.60 What was the price of each pencil and each pen?

4x + 3y = 5.60 2x + 3y = 4.60 4x + 3y = 5.60 -2x - 3y = -4.60 ------------------------ 2x = 1.00 x = .50 <==cost of pencil 2x + 3y = 4.60 2(.50) + 3y = 4.60 1 + 3y = 4.60 3y = 3.60 y = $1.20 <==cost of pen Pencils are $.50 and pens are $1.20 <==ANSWER

Determine weather the graphs of the pairs are parallel perpendicullar or neither 3y-x equals 4 and 3y equals x plus 5?

3y-x=4 is the same as 3y=x+4 so y=1/3 x+4/3 and the slope is 1/3 The other equation is 3y=x+5 so y=1/3x+5/3. The slope is 1/3 again Since they have the same slope but different y intercepts they are parallel.