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simply be responsible enough and be aware of consequences before having sex

but if unfortunately if you get pregnant, seek help and accept it there no other better way but to accept that you are going to be a mom

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Q: Role of the filipino youth REACTION?
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Is Dr Jose Rizal is an Ideal role model for the filipino youth?

Yes, Dr. Jose Rizal is an ideal role model for the Filipino youth today. He is a role model for his values that he held.

What is the reaction of the poem of rizal felicitation?

The poem "Felicitation" by Jose Rizal praises the Filipino youth and encourages them to strive for excellence in all aspects of life. It celebrates Filipino heritage and culture, urging the youth to fulfill their potential and contribute positively to society. Rizal's message in the poem is one of hope, inspiration, and a call to action for the youth to be the catalysts of change and progress in the country.

Bayaning 3rd world reaction?

Bayaning 3rd World is a Filipino film about the country's national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. The reaction to this is mostly appreciation of the youth's patriotism.

Why did rizal wrote the Filipino youth?

Rizal wrote "The Filipino Youth" to inspire and encourage the young generation to take pride in their heritage, to strive for a better future, and to pursue education as a means to uplift the nation from oppression and injustice. He believed in the potential of the Filipino youth to bring about positive change in society.

What are the interpretations of every stanza of the poem To The Filipino Youth by Jose Rizal?

"Stanza 1: Rizal urges the Filipino youth to rise and embrace knowledge in order to free themselves from ignorance and dark chains of oppression. Stanza 2: He emphasizes the youth's pivotal role in shaping the nation's future and calls on them to serve and love their country. Stanza 3: Rizal highlights the importance of education in achieving progress and envisions a bright future for the Filipino youth who are the hope of the nation."

What is the role of youth in unity?

speech about the role of the youth in establishing units in a diversified multi-cultural society

What is the interpretation of Rizal poem ''to the filipino youth''?

In his poem "To the Filipino Youth," Rizal encourages the Filipino youth to embrace education and to take on the responsibilities of nation-building. He emphasizes the importance of knowledge and virtue in shaping the future of the country and highlights the potential of the younger generation to bring about positive change and progress for the Philippines.

What is the clay of youth?

The Clay of Youth is a poem by Jorge Bocobo. He was instrumental in the development of the Filipino educational system.

What is the different between the filipino youth of yesterday and today?

The traditional youth were respectful to the rules and to their elders. The youth of today are more into Western ideologies.

What is theMode of poem to the filipino youth?

"The Mode of the Poem to the Filipino Youth" by Jose Rizal is a call to the young Filipinos to rise and fulfill their potential by using their talents and skills for the betterment of their country. It encourages the youth to strive for excellence, embrace their cultural heritage, and work towards progress and independence. The poem serves as an inspiration for the Filipino youth to take action and make a difference in society.

What is the expression of the poem titled to the filipino youth authored by Jose rizal and translated by nick jouaqin?

The expression of the poem "To the Filipino Youth" by Jose Rizal urges the Filipino youth to rise and fulfill their potential as the hope of the nation. This poem inspires the youth to seek knowledge, cultivate virtues, and strive for excellence in order to contribute positively to their country's future. Nick Joaquin's translation captures the essence of Rizal's call to action, emphasizing the importance of the youth in shaping the destiny of the Philippines.

What makes the Filipino Youth Unique?

There are several things that make the Filipino youth unique. Some of them include having versatile skills which they use to generate income and their commitment to their families among others.