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It all depends on what you're looking to provide incentive for. Household incentives could include providing an allowance or other privilege that is only acquired after a goal is accomplished.

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Q: What are some good Incentive Programs for teenagers?
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What are some good after school programs for my teen to keep them busy?

There are good after school programs for teenagers. The YMCA offers after school programs. Community centers are locations where your teen can go also.

What are some incentive programs for opening a checking account?

"Different checking accounts have various incentive programs. Some banks offer cash back programs for opening up an account, some offer free gifts, and some offer interest earned for keeping a high balance."

What are some good corporate incentive solutions?

Some good corporate incentive solutions include performance bonuses, employee recognition programs, professional development opportunities, and flexible work arrangements. These incentives can help motivate employees, boost morale, and improve overall job satisfaction.

What are some examples of employee incentive programs?

Employee Incentive Programs are offered by many different employers as a perk or extra onto of wages or salary. Some examples include, bonuses, vouchers for attaining targets, clocks to show long service or buying or selling of holiday.

What is a good or service that can be used in place of some other good or service?

an incentive

What are some Safety incentive programs for trucking companies?

No at-fault vehicular accidents in last 6 months. Then start all over again. People forget about yearly incentive programs. Keep them fresh and in the minds of your workers. Besides, what do you do with a driver that is on a yearly incentive program and has an at-fault accident the second day of the contest? Get him back in the game in 6 months!

What was the most many raised for a school fundrasier?

There are many different programs out there. Some programs require you to pay upfront for products and some require a minimum purchase. You need to also look at the percentage you will make is it 10%, 25% 50%? Incentive programs are a good indication of how excited people will be to sell the products for the fundraiser. Just think, would you want to sell products if you were going to get a free magazine subscription or a free home theater system. Not that the fundraiser should be about the incentive to the seller but it does help to keep everyone motivated.

What are some good sale force incentives?

One example of a good sale force incentive is to reward employees who sell more than the average amount of a good. Another incentive is to have an employee of the month program.

What r some sites for teens only?

For older teenagers, is a good one. For younger teenagers, you could try :) good luck

What is antonym incentive?

Some antonyms for the noun incentive are hindrance or discouragement. Some antonyms for the adjective incentive are discouraging, unappealing, or uninteresting.

Which colleges offer classes for teenagers?

There are some colleges and universities that offer programs for high schools students. Some are referred to as bridge programs, some as head start programs, as well as others. The most prevalent schools offering these programs are community colleges. You should speak with your guidance counselor for detailed information.

What are some activities for Indonesian teenagers?

Masturbation is a good activity for Indonesian teenager.