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No one at the age of ten should be dating. Dating is meant to be searching for a partner to marry. I dont think that ten year old should be planning to marry.

At 10-years-old you should be playing with persons your own age in your Junior School or at home, that's all.

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Q: What do you do with your boyfriend at age 10?
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Can you have a boyfriend at 10 years off age?


Does Cara Gosselin Have A Boyfriend Now atr age 10?

No She Is A Single Now No Boyfriend But Mady Have One

How old can you be until you have a boyfriend?

The appropriate age is 10 11 12

Can a 10 yearsold and a12 yearsold can be together or can be boyfriend and girlfriend?

Yes. There's no minimum age to be boyfriend/girlfriend. It depends on your parents.

Can a 8 year old girl get a 10 year old boyfriend?

If you are at the age of 8 or the age of 10 you should go and play on a playground instead of dating.

Do have any Boyfriend advices for 10 year olds?

If you are 10 you are too young to have a boyfriend. Enjoy your childhood. It ends quickly enough as is; why speed up the process by getting a boyfriend. BUT, if you decide to get a boyfriend at 10 years old he should be someone your own age. An older boy will definitely take advantage of you at 10 years old.

How do you get a boyfriend at the age of ten?

say "i like you do you like me?" or write a note

You haven't got a boyfriend and you are 10 years old how do you get one?

That's too young to have a boyfriend at the age of 10 wait till you're 13 at least. Way to young!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Same thing as i said!!!

Is it okay to have a boyfriend at age 10?

If you have a boyfriend when you're 10, i would be much different than when you're 16. Two of my friends have boyfriends, but they mostly just hang out everyday, talk, and go to each others birthday parties and stuff. The answer is yes, you can have a boyfriend at 10, it would just be different.

Is it to young to have a boyfriend at age 10?

yes, when i was your age, i thought it wasnt, and i bought my boyfriend all kinds of dumb gifts, now that im older, i wish i wouldve saved my money, cause you have a long life to live, and there will be plenty of other guys out there, and at the age of 10, guys aren't mature enough to appreciate girls.

What do you give a boyfriend the age 10?

well your 10 , its not gonna last , sorry to say , kiddo . save your money to open a llama factory.

Should you have a boyfriend at 10 and a half years old?

Sure, i had my first boyfriend at age 9. They always called me hot stuff. CAUSE I'M HOT!! THAT'S WHY!!