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It is a misses, size 6, juniors, jacket =]

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Q: What is size 6 misses jacket juniors?
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What is juniors size 7 in misses?

A junior size 7 would be the equivalent of a misses 6. Misses clothing are cut with fuller thighs and hips, so it would be a smaller size for juniors.

Size 9 pants in juniors would equal what size in Misses?

depending on your shape and height, you're anywhere from a 6-10. Most likely you are between a 6 and an 8. That is where I stand, and the only reason i go up to an eight is because i have more "junk in the trunk". Also i have been consistently wearing a size 9 in juniors for years

What is a shoe size 6 in womans equal to a junior size 13?

A women's size 6 is the same as a Juniors size 13.A Juniors size 13 is the same as women's size 6

How long does it take to move a line in the women's juniors' and misses' dress industry from design to sale?

an average of 6 to 8

What size in misses jeans equals junior size 3?

Size 6

What is the most common jacket size in the US?

The most common Jacket / dress size in the US is a 6-8

What is size 32 hips in juniors?

I have a 31 inch waist and wear a 3/4 in Juniors so i am guessing you would be anywhere from a 4 to a 6

If a jacket in America is small what size is it in Australia?

If a jacket in America is small, in Australia it is considered to be a size 10. Small in the US is size 6.

What size do you wear in ladies if you wear a 13 in juniors?

You should wear a size 6 or 8 in pants and a large or extra large in tops.

What is woman's shoe size 6 equal to for boys shoe size and girl's shoe size?

According to (they make those foot measuring devices), a woman's 6 is right between a "Juniors" 4-4.5Hope that helps.Matt @ Xenia

What would a junior size 3 be in a women's size?

It would be either a 4 or 6 in womens, the only difference is womens sizes are even numbers and juniors are odd but the exact same size.

What are the release dates for American Juniors - 2003 1-6?

American Juniors - 2003 1-6 was released on: USA: 25 June 2003