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Small 6-818" W - 28" L, Medium 10-1220" W - 29" L, Large 14-1622" W - 30" L , X-Large 18-2024" W - 31" L ,2X 22-2426" W - 32" L, 3X 26-2828" W - 33" L 4X30-3230" W - 34" L .

this is all sizes and measurements

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Q: What is youth size 18 in girls pants?
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What is the measurement for size 18 pants in men?

There is no size 18 pants for men in the USA.

What size boys pants are after size 18?


What is size 18 in womens pants converted into mens pants?

Its not the size of a whale, because I'm a size 18 :) I borrowed my boyfriends jeans and they're marked on waist on inches try that? its the size of a whale

What is the Circumference of center line in basketbell?

Regulation size Basketball for Boys & MenCircumference is between 29.5"-30" (International size 7) and weighs 20-22oz.Official Women's for Girls & WomenCircumference is between 28.5"-29" (New International size 6) and weighs 18-20oz.Intermediate size for Girls (youth)Circumference is between 27.75"-28.5" (Original International size 6) and weighs 16-18oz.Junior size for Boys & Girls (youth "Biddy Leagues")Circumference is between 27.25"-27.75" (International size 5)

What size womens pants are equal to mens 36 waist?

If you wear a 36 in mens you would wear a 15 in womens you subtract 21 from the mans size to get a women pants size

Boys size 18 pants equals what mens size?

According to the size conversion chart a boys regular size 18 is a 29" waist and a 32" length and a husky size 18 is a 31" waist and a 32" length.

Boys size 18 shirt equal in mens?

What does a boys youth size equal to a men's size in Jeans?

What is a size 18 in womens pants converted into mens?

That's gotta be in the low to mid forties for waist size

What is the pants waist inches in women's size 18?

48 inches around the waist

How large is size 18 womens in petite pants?

I think you should go to FashionTIY

If a 18 year old girls wears a size 7 in shoes what would be her comparison size in men's basketball shoes?

A size 5 mens shoe.

What is a youth?

A minor - under 18 years of age