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Q: When was the youth campaign against conscription founded?
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What was two groups against conscription were formed in 1964?

Save Our Sons, and The Youth Campaign against Conscription.

What is youth against conscription?

It was the youth that were being inducted (Drafted/Conscripted) into the military; they would form groups, slogans, and other forms of protest against the US Government (as the US Government was Conscripting them).

What date was the SOS formed?

The SOS or Save Our Sons movement was formed in 1964 along with the Youth Against Conscription organisation. SOS was mainly made up of women who were against conscription, also known as National Service.

Who is Tom astell?

Tom Astell in his campaign to be elected for the UK Youth Parliament 2010. He's the only candidate campaign for youth rights and inclusion for young people against extremist groups such as BNP and National Front.

What is Campaign for Youth Justice's motto?

The motto of Campaign for Youth Justice is 'Because the Consequences Aren't Minor'.

When was Youth Against Christ created?

Youth Against Christ was created in 1994.

What did Iger do in civic affairs?

member of the board of directors of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts and as a board member of the Outward Bound Program and the National Campaign Against Youth Violence

When was Youth Against Fascism created?

Youth Against Fascism was created in 1992-12.

What has the author Tony Jeffs written?

Tony Jeffs has written: 'Youth conscription' -- subject(s): National service, Service, Compulsory non-military, Unemployed, Young volunteers in social service 'Youth work practice' -- subject(s): Youth workers, Social work with youth

How do you use word youth in sentences?

You are but a bare youth. His youth was against him in the fight.

What were the greatest complaints against Hitler youth?

There were a few things the Hitler youth did. The one thing that that Hitler youth did was go against their parents.

Who is Ashley Sanders?

national youth spokesperson for the Nader/Gonzalez 2008 campaign