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No-one, for the simple reason that it did not exist. There are however stories that Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon went out searching for the fountain. Those stories however only emerged after his death. Nowhere in Ponce de Leon's own correspondence is there any mention of the hoped-for existence of such a fountain, nor of any effort to find it. Also, none of his documented expeditions included the search for it. So the whole story, including Ponce de Leon's involvement in it, can be considered a myth.

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Not sure that anybody actually found it (if so they should really share), but the explorer who supposedly spent years looking for the fabled Fountain of Youth was Juan Ponce de León.

He is well-known for leading the first European expedition into the area that is now known as Florida, and for being named the first Governor of Puerto Rico.

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Ponce de Leon

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Q: Who was the explorer who found foutain of youth?
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Where did juan ponce de leon seek the foutain of youth?


What two things did Juan de Leon discovered?

he was looking for the foutain of youth,and gold

Spanish expolrer juan ponce de leon came to this state looking for a foutain of youth?


What was Juan ponce de Leon plans?

To go to florida and look for the "foutain of youth" and to look for gold.

In 1539 did Juan Ponce de Leon discover the foutain of youth?

no, because it doesn't exist,(as far as we know.)

Did Hernando Cortes find what they were sent out to discover?

No, Cortes and his men were searching for the Foutain of Youth. Obviously, this was never found, though they did make a lot of gold by obtaining new goods and spices from the lands they traveled.

Juan ponce de leon ships?

Ponce de Leon was an explorer and navigator. The names of his ships were the Santiago, San Cristobal, and the Santa Maria.

Was the fountain of youth investigated in north America?

Yes, Juan Ponce De Leon, an explorer, searched for the Fountain of Youth in Florida. He obviously never found it.

Who was the explorer who solided to the Bahamas to find the fountain youth?

who was the explorer who solided to the bahamas to find the fountain youth

What was Juan Ponce de Leon seeking in the New World?

he wanted to travel from Spain to Florida and Puerto Rico also, he was seeking the foutain of youth

Who invented the foutain pen?

As you know L.E. Waterman invented the foutain pen.

Who was the explorer that searched for the fountain of youth and why?

The explorer who searched for the fountain of youth was Juan Ponce de LeΓ³n, a Spanish conquistador. He believed in the legend of a magical spring that could restore youth and vitality, leading him to explore Florida in 1513 in search of it. However, he never found the fountain of youth and eventually died in the New World.