Why do so many kids use MSN?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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if they are little its because it has games

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Q: Why do so many kids use MSN?
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Are Adults Too Old To Have MSN?

depends on what theyd use msn for. with young people they use it to socialise but adults usually can actually be bothered to go and see their friends, so if adults feel the need to use msn, they can in my opinion

What is WWE's MSN Address?

World Wrestling Entertainment does not use MSN, Live on Microsoft. So there is no address for the WWE on MSN - To contact them, the best way, is to go to

What is nick joans's msn?

what is your msn pls i not much of a crazy fan so my msn is superstar_spiteri@hotmail.comwhat is your msn pls i not much of a crazy fan so my msn is

Do razor Motorola phones have free msn?

MSN requires access to the web. Razor V3 (if that is what you mean) only uses WAP which is different to the full internet access so in this case you will not be able to use MSN

Does wentworth miller have msn?

Wentworth miller DOES NOT have MSN. Those saying they are him DO NOT believe them. They are not him so please DO NOT ADD THEM. Many thanks, BBC Team.

How do you get an msn addi?

To use msn you need a windows live ID these can be made from existing email accounts or a new or can be created (i.e @hotmail, @msn @live). to do so visit this webpage

I have cyberlink youcam built into my laptop when i use msn video calls youcam effects are supposed to come up automatically so i can use the effects on msn except it doesn't what should i do?

restart your laptop

How do you put msn on ipod touch?

you cant. Go on to the apple wesite And there are social networking web application like ebuddy lite you can use instead You can use a website called meebo which allows you to sign into your msn and use it like you would normally do so. person who wrote this is wrong u can get msn go on the app store then in the search box write msn and it will come up and download it

Is MSN TV service down?

Yes, Microsoft closed down MSN TV in September of 2013. They did not make big announcements, so many people simply found that MSN had disappeared from their television service.

Is george Sampson Msn addy dancerboyhotmailcouk?

no its not his msn sorry :/ i no him and i have his msn and that's not it his msn is really long and really random so people wont get it

What is London tiptons msn?

London tip'tons emil for msn is London tip'tons emil for msn is stop harrasing stars don't ever put stars msn's on that is so bad so please just don't

Can you go on msn on a archos 7?

No I dont think so i even want msn on my archos