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because its easier

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Q: Why do teenagers have unpretected sex?
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In week 1 you miss 1 pill on the Saturday and you have unprotected sex and in also had unpretected sex on Sunday so you took the pill late that night way after sex can you get pregnant?


If the female is 14 years old and the male is 15 is there a good chance the female is pregnant after having unpretected sex?

Yes very much so.

You had unpretected sex and he came inside you and then the next day you had your period so since you had your period does that mean im not pregnant?

It might but you should take a pregnancy test at least 2-3 weeks after having sex

What is the effect of gay lingo to teenagers?

they have sex

What is the greatest events in a teenagers life?


Is sex appropriate for teenagers?

yes sex is good for teens it is a new experience for them

What kind of negative things do teenagers do?

they think of sex

What do Costa Rican teenagers do in their free time?

have sex

How often do teenagers think about sex?

It varies among individuals, but research suggests that teenagers think about sex quite frequently, often multiple times a day. Hormonal changes during adolescence can lead to increased interest and curiosity about sex. Peer influence, media exposure, and personal experiences can also impact how often teenagers think about sex.

What is teenage sex?

Teenage sex refers to sexual activity between individuals who are teenagers or adolescents. It is important for teenagers to understand the risks involved, such as unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, and to make informed choices about their sexual health. Communication, consent, and education are key aspects of promoting healthy and responsible sexual behavior among teenagers.

What has the author George A Boyd written?

George A. Boyd has written: 'Drugs and sex' -- subject(s): Drug abuse, Drug use, Drugs and sex, Juvenile literature, Prevention, Safe sex in AIDS prevention, Sex instruction for teenagers, Sex instruction for youth, Sexually transmitted diseases, Teenagers

What has the author George Eager written?

George Eager has written: 'Love and dating' -- subject(s): Dating (Social customs), Interpersonal relations in adolescence, Sexual ethics for teenagers 'Understanding your sex drive' -- subject(s): Sex instruction for teenagers, Sexual ethics for teenagers