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Depending on the prey population, spider density can reach fifty thousand per acre. Not including the polar areas, there is said to be an average of one spider for every fifty square feet of land. You can do the math.

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More than I want to know about, I am sure.

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It usually depends on where your living. If it's hot/humid you'll see a good amount of'em but if its could it's really rare.

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Q: About how many spiders live in the average house?
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spider live in many places and many countries but, the main place I always see spiders are in peoples house in webs.

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Over 60 and under 400 but most of them come out :-)

How many average spiders are on 1 acre of land?

Ive read 80000 spiders per acre. Sounds like a lot, but many live in the trees and bushes as well.

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Where do you find pet turansula spiders?

Usually pet stores will house different types of spiders you can buy. Don't capture wild spiders as there are many many downsides of it.

What does the prowling spider Dunedin Newzealand eat?

Spiders usually catch moths and small flies in their webs. But there are Jumping Spiders (in my house) and these guys catch and eat other spiders. So we don't have many spiders. There are also trap door spiders who live in the ground and have their tunnel concealed by a trap door, from which they leap out to catch prey.