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After the rooster has mated with a hen the sperm packet is good for about 10 days. Unlike most creatures the birds do not need fertilizing each time, for each egg. The sperm is stored in the cloaca of the hen for up to 10 days and then needs replenishing. If the rooster has died or otherwise left the flock his progeny may go on for a few more days as the hens eggs will still be fertile until the sperm packet is depleted.
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Q: After you remove the rooster from the coop how long will hens lay fertile eggs?
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Do you have to remove a rooster from the coop when the baby chicks hatch?

If you hen hatched the eggs, and now you have baby chicks following the mom around you do not have to remove the rooster. Mom will make it very clear to the rooster that he is not to bother the youngsters.

How old does a rooster have to be to be able to fertile eggs?

Rooster's don't lay eggs, they are males.

When do chickens lay fertile eggs?

To lay fertile eggs the hen will need a rooster to fertilize the eggs.

How do you get your rooster to fertilize your eggs?

You don't the rooster needs to mate with the hen. Then the eggs will be fertile for about a month

How do you get non-fertile chicken eggs from the chicken?

To get non-fertile eggs you need to keep the hen and rooster separated, or get rid of your rooster all together.

Do hens lay eggs with the rooster in the same coop?

Yes. I have six hens, and one rooster in the same coop, and the hens lay fine. Hope this helps.

How do hens lay eggs without a rooster?

hens lay no matter what. however if you want to get a fertile eggs you have to have a rooster

How long will eggs be fertile after you take the rooster away?

The hen can still lay fertile eggs for around A MONTH or less. Ther are channels in the hens that hold the rooster's fertilizing juice.

Will hens lay more eggs with a rooster around?

No. The presence of a rooster will not effect the number of eggs a pullet will lay. She will lay fertile eggs with a rooster present but not more. This is often a question asked and a rooster does not effect rate of lay.

Is there any way to hatch a chicken egg without a rooster?

Not on a farm. In a lab yes, but farms need to either buy fertile eggs or provide the hens with a rooster to get viable eggs for hatching. Eggs bought at the supermarket are not fertile.

What does a rooster do to help raise chicks?

If you wish to have fertile eggs that will hatch, then a rooster will help. If you don't have a rooster, eggs WILL still be laid (provided you have a chicken), but they will be considered breakfast eggs, and will not hatch. So, a rooster just performs the fertilization of the eggs, otherwise, they are basically worthless.

How Do chickens lay infertile eggs?

As long as there is no rooster around to mate with the hens, you will not receive fertile eggs.

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