Are African cichlids tropical fish

Updated: 8/9/2023
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In the wild, African Cichlids eat plants like blue-green algae and organic detritus. These plants are high in fiber, but provide little nutritional content, so cichlids eat continuously to maintain their metabolism.

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Yes, African cichlids require temperatures ranging from 74 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit, which would be considered a tropical temperature.

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Q: Are African cichlids tropical fish
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What is the name of a tropical fish?

African cichlids, barbs, livebearers, synodontis catfish, loaches, cichlids, tetras, mailed catfish, labyrinthfish, and rainbowfish.

What has the author Paul V Loiselle written?

Paul V. Loiselle has written: 'Guide to African Cichlids' 'Tetra's Popular Guide to Tropical Cichlids'

What PH th4e water for tropical fish to survive?

It depends on what type of tropical fish you are intending to keep; it ranges from 6 (freshwater & discus) to 8.5 (for cichlids).

What are some different fish species?

Rather than give you "species' I'll give you "Groups of fish that contain certain types of species.". Good commonly available fish usually available at the local pet shops. Tetras, Anabantids, Dwarf Cichlids, Rasboras, Livebearers, Catfishes, Algae eaters, African Cichlids and South American Cichlids. All the above are tropical and some are very specific in their water parameter requirements.

Can silver dollar fish mix with African cichlids?

The Silver Dollar comes from the soft acid waters of the Amazon. They are not at all suited to the hard alkaline water required for African cichlids.

Is cichlids a tropical fish?

Yes Because them where from South America, africa, and Asia. Hope that help!!!

Would they get along with African cichlids?

Would what get along with African Cichlids?

What does a malawe fish look like?

It looks like the Breeding Mouth Brooding African Cichlids.

What fish are Danios compatible with?

It's easier to say they are good community fish that are compatible with most normal tropical fish. They are not compatible with fish that need special water conditions like Discus or African Cichlids. They are also not suitable to be mixed with large predators like Oscars or Arowanas who would hunt and eat them.

How many types of tropical fish are there in the world?

some names/breeds of tropical fish are mollys a larger fish from a range of courloursguppies smaller fish but males hane large back fins neon tetras small blue and red fish tiger barbs black and orange can be agresive sword fins a same size as a guppie but males have longer tales at the end then females fighting fish agresive but beautiful fish coulours are red and blue angel fish small or large can be agresive colours range gouramies larger thin fish usaly white or green and purple strips calm fish depends on the breed

Can butterfly koi and African chitlets?

Koi are a cool temperature water fish while African cichlids need warm water. Koi will not be as happy and healthy with 80* water Koi are a cool temperature water fish while African cichlids need warm water. Koi will not be as happy and healthy with 80* water

What sort of aquarium fish are there?

Mollies, tetras, south African cichlids, African cichlids, wags, gold fish, beta fish, placo's, catfish, guppies, kois, goriamies, theres a lot more but I dont have the time to list them. Go to your local pet store, if they sell aquariums and fish, they should be much more familiar with all the different types than I am.