Are adders and vipers the same?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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An adder is a type of viper.

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Q: Are adders and vipers the same?
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Do puff adders give birth to live young?

Yes. Like most vipers puff adders give birth to live young.

What family does the diamondback rattlesnake belong to?

All rattlesnakes belong to the Viperidae (viper) family. They belong to the group of pit vipers out of pit vipers, puff adders, adders. So the diamondback rattlesnake would be in the Viper(idae) family.

Are there poisones snakes in Italy?

Seven species of vipers , including the asp and many varieties of adders.

Is a little snake viper?

Not necessarily. But pigmy rattle snakes & siide winde adders are very small vipers.

What are other names for snakes?

Other than listing families of snakes (such as adders, vipers, boas, pythons, etc) the best answer I can think of is "serpents".

Is there any reptiles that give birth to young alive?

Adders (vipers) a type of snake. Also Boas and Vipers and Garter snakes

What is a adder snake?

No, the true adder is a European venomous snake but the term is sometimes used very loosely to describe almost any snake, especially venomous snakes. Adders are vipers, rattlesnakes are vipers but rattlesnakes are not adders.

Are adders nocturnal?

are adders noternal

Where do Adders live?

adders live in the woods or fields

What are the differences between kraits and vipers?

Kraits are apart of the group Elapidae (elapids) which include other neurotoxic snakes such as Cobras and Coral Snakes. This group is separate from the other main group of venomous snakes, Viperidea (vipers), which include Rattlesnakes and Puff Adders. That being said, there are many differences between elapids and vipers. Elapids are generally long, slender snakes with small, fixed front fangs. Vipers on the other hand are usually stout-bodied with a triangular lance-like head that have long, hinged front fangs . Also, elapids possess neurotoxic venom while vipers have hemotoxic venom (in come cases have a blend of both as seen in Neo-tropical Rattlesnakes)

What if the phobia name for fear of death adders?

Necrophobia is the name for the fear of death adders.

Are vipers real?

Yes, vipers are real.