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Lampreys aren´t a class, they´re a separate species. But yes, they are motile, they swim freely - that is, until they attach themselves to a fish host with their mouths and start scraping off flesh with their tongue. But they can let go and swim away whenever they want.

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Q: Are animals from the class lamprey motile?
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Are All animals motile at some stage during their lives?

Yes, all animals are motile at some point in their lives. This is because they are multicellular eukaryotes, and this contributes to their becoming motile during different times of their lives.

Are there any non-motile animals?


Motile and sessile?

motile means those animals which are able to move [eg. animals] from one place to another which sessile animals [eg. sea anemone] are those which cannot move.

What are some jawless animals?

The lamprey the hagfish and the worm

Is kelp motile?

Kelp is not motile. It floats in beds throughout the ocean, and is eaten by a variety of animals, most notably whales.

What is lamprey prey?

Lamprey eels are parasites so when they hook on to other animals they suck the animals blood. :P

Which class of fishes does a lamprey belong?

Lampreys are in the superclass Agnatha, jawless fish. They are of the class Cyclostomata, which includes hagfish, as opposed to the extinct Ostracoderms.

Lamprey and remoras belong to which class of fish?

The lampreys and remora do not share a class. While both are symbiotes (both can attach to another fish), the lamprey is a parasite, while the remora is a commensalist scavenger, who may even aid the larger host. A lamprey is a jawless fish; the remora is an ordinary fish with an extraordinary attribute.

What are the characteristics of Animalia?

Animals are motile, and their cells lack cell walls

Animals are motile because they have?

nerve and muscle fibers.

What does a lamprey eat?

There are 38 species of lamprey and only 18 species are blood sucking parasites. It is known for attaching itself to animals such as fish and living off of its blood.

What are the two differences between plants and animals?

Plants have chlorophyll and cell wall while animals are heterotrophs and motile .