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Generally, African elephants live to the age of about 60 years. They generally die of starvaion when their 6th and final set of teeth wears away. There are probably documented records of lifespans of zoo elephants. Peter Winhall

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elephants are not the longest living animals. the giant tortoise is the longest living land animal, up to 150 years. In october of 2007, scientists found a quahog clam that was estimated to be 405 years old, previously the oldest was around 200 years.

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Q: Are elephants the longest living animals?
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How long are elephants prangnet?

22 mos. they have the longest of all land animals.

What animals longest-living of all vertibrates?

The Galapagos turtle

Who live longer male or female elephants?

The longest living elephant ever was an 86 year old male...

Are american elephants endangered?

Elephants aren't native to America, so there isn't a specie of American Elephants. What you have are African or Asian/Indian Elephants, living in America. Not the same thing. Endangerment is about the animals in their natural environment, not about animals in zoos, circuses or other artificial settings.

Do African elephants weigh 500lb or 1100lb?

Neither. Elephants are the largest living land animals. African elephants range in weight from 10,000 pounds to as much as 16,500 pounds.

Are elephants the largest living animals?

Elephants (in particular, the African elephant) and the largest (heaviest) of land animals. Blue whales are the largest mammals. Giraffes are the tallest land animals.

What marine mammal has the longest life span?

The sea turtle has the longest known life span of all known sea animals. The dolphin is the longest living mammal.

What are mammoths like?

mammoths are generally animals resembling elephants. they were living before n during the age of dinosaurs.

Who presented Tonga's royal family with the animal that when he died was believed to be one of the longest-living animals on record?

What animals are bigger than what animals?

The elephant is the biggest living land animal on the earth.

Are elephants bigger than stuffed animals?

Yes, stuffed animals are bigger then elephants.

What are some of the animals that are related to woolly mammoth?

Mammoths are a genus of elephants. The closest living relatives of mammoths are Asiatic Elephant.