Are frogs smart

Updated: 8/11/2023
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It depends on the species. Most, like toads and pond frogs, aren't very smart at all. But some frogs, like tree frogs and poison dart frogs, seem to be much smarter, but still not as smart as, for example, lizards or mammals.

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Frogs and toads have brains.

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Q: Are frogs smart
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Are frogs independent?

# Of course not. Frogs are extremely smart animals, and everyone knows that if you're smart, you don't live alone because ofdanger. And frogs can't live alone because they have to mate!!!!!!!

Is a frogs brain less advanced than a human brain?

do you see super smart frogs with advanced technology??? NO!!!

What do golden bell frogs eat?

mostly insect ,fly,crickets, not monarch caterpillers. im smart

What worms do green tree frogs eat?

my guess is that they use their tongues to snaps their prey into their mouth, then chew it with their teeth.

If you play with your frog long enough will it know who you are?

No, frogs aren't very smart animals. And they have tiny brain. And they probably have the same or close to the same remembering as a fish...

Are frogs idiots?

no they have a brain and are very smart animals.. they actually can feel what other frog's are feeling with their slits behind their brain. they are very sneaky and know exactly what they are doing.

Do red eyed tree frogs have a brain?

Every animal has a brain. If it didnt then it wouldn't be alive. If you mean brain as in smarts Im sure it is smart in its own way.

Can Boa Constrictors eat elephants?

Yes, boas love to eat frogs. They might be smart enough to leave the really poisonous ones alone.

Are frogs males only?

No, there are female frogs and male frogs.

How do frogs develop into frogs?

Frogs start out as tadpoles and then they develop into jumping frogs. They start life in water.

Do grasshoppers eat frogs?

Frogs eat grasshoppers. At least i know bull frogs and wood frogs do.

Why do frogs make noises when two frogs are together?

They're frogs.