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Not usually - shark attacks are very rare, as almost all types of shark will only attack if they are provoked, or if they smell blood.

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Q: Are human swimmers usually in great danger from sharks?
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How many great white sharks live in a group?

they usually swim on their own but they sometimes swim in a group which is about 3

Why the great sharks in danger?

Because some humans like to kill things for "research"... >:(

When was Great Lake Swimmers created?

Great Lake Swimmers was created in 2003.

Where are the great white sharks babies born?

In a safe place where they are safe from harm and danger. I hope this information was helpful to you!

Are humans in great danger from sharks?

no not inter-ally because they just think your fish or something when an attacks happen

Which breeds of sharks are known to be giant in size?

The biggest sharks are usually great white sharks, tiger sharks and bull sharks. I'm not sure if there are any others. All of these sharks can be 4m long or bigger.

Who is danger to great white sharks and why?

Humans. Because great whites are getting caught in fishing nets, people kill them for their fins,meat,teeth,and oil.

What color are great white shark?

Usually great white sharks are white and gray and blue-gray.

What do tiger sharks do when faced with danger?

They hide . But they somtimes defend themselves . Like a tiger vs great white =O-O

how long is Great (Great (Isambard Kingdom Brunel))?

Great White Sharks usually grow to a length of 20ft(6m)

What types of fish do great white sharks usually eat?

Great white sharks are carnivores and eat whatever is in the ocean. Any fish or bird or seal in the water can be prey.

What is the length of great white shark?

Adult Great White Sharks range anywhere from 23-27 feet long. The female is usually bigger.