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A protein skimmer is not necessary unless you have a heavy bio load. It is used mainly when people have a packed reef tank, a large predator fowlr tank, or if you have fish and coral that require next to perfect water quality.

It is recommended to have a skimmer however because it keeps your water quality better, your fish and coral happier, and it allows you to do less maintenance on the aquarium.

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Q: Are protein skimmers necessary for saltwater aquariums?
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How are saltwater aquariums different to other types of aquariums?

There is no difference in the physical aquarium itself, only what you put in it. If you go to a pet store and buy a glass or acrylic aquarium, you can use it for salt or freshwater. You may use some different equipment in it based on whether it is fresh or saltwater. For instance protein skimmers are generally used on saltwater tanks only, you use different lighting for freshwater planted aquariums versus salt water coral reef aquariums, etc. Of course the fish or invertebrates are specific to the type of water you are using as well. YOu may see some aquariums advertised as reef or saltwater, but this is just because they are a kit that comes with lighting, filtration, etc. that is suitable for saltwater.

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Does having a protein skimmer remove water from the aquarium so when you top up with water to get it back to normal volume im diluting the salt levels?

Protein skimmers to remove small amounts of water. They create bubbles and this becomes the skimmate. Also, some water remains in the skimmer when it is on. In general people do not have to adjust their water or salinity because of skimmers. It is important to match the size of the tank and the skimmer.

Does a 20 gallon Fish only saltwater tank require a protein skimmer and if so where can you find small enough?

In general it is harder to keep a small tank stable than a large one. It is possible to maintain a small saltwater tank without a protein skimmer, but it takes a lot more work and severely limits the amount of livestock (and feeding) possible. Look into Prizm skimmers. They work well on small tanks but are severely overrated on their capacity ( translate that to if they say good for 60 gallons figure only 20) eBay is a good place for these at a good price. Several other manufacturers also make small skimmers for small tanks. Look for "nano skimmer" on the popular aquarium supply websites. ("Nano" is the popular name used nowadays to refer to these small tanks.) Do your research on any brand you consider--lower cost in skimmers usually means "cheap" in both senses of the word. In addition to online sources, if there is a reef club in your city talk to members for their recommendations and possibly find a good, used skimmer.

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