Are spiders friendly

Updated: 8/10/2023
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Spiders will react to defend themselves. If you are not endangering a spider, it will most likely not hurt you.

Spiders and lower forms of life do not experience the kind of emotions we humans do. As the first respondent replied, they react by instinct for defense. They do not have the capability of a higher level of thought which vengance requires, like us supposedly higher life forms. Spiders are incapable of vengance.

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No spiders are friendly they would be classified as venomous or nonvenomous.

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Q: Are spiders friendly
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Are spiders friendly toward ants?

no way, they can get stuck in their webs

How do you stop flies eating plants?

Either use chemicals - or (more eco-friendly) introduce spiders and insects to prey on the flies.

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Are there indestructible spiders?

No a good bash with a shoe will dispose of most arachnids. However, a policy of live and let live is more ethical and environmentally friendly.

What are friendly mobs on minecraft?

Friendly mobs are animals or creatures that don't attack at sight. Ex. Pig, sheep, cow, chicken, and squid. Also, wolves won't attack unless provoked. Same goes for spiders during the day.

Is there such thing as good?

yes and no depends on what you are talking about or on your opinion e.g. some people think spiders are bad and horrible, whereas, others think they are good and friendly! :)

Are spiders are insects?

No. Fishing spiders are hunting spiders of the genus Dolomedes.

What are the most common spiders in Wisconsin?

Jumpimg spiders, wolf spiders, fishing spiders, cobweb spiders, barn spiders, cellar spiders, funnel spider (grass spider), garden spider.

Is a spiders an insect?

No. Spiders are not insects. Insects are not spiders.

What do grass spiders eat and what eats grass spiders?

grass spiders eat other spiders

What features does spiders have?

Spiders have 8 legs. Spiders spin webs. Spiders can walk. I hope this helped

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Spiders found in Wyoming include: Brown Recluse Black Widow Hobo Spider Jumping Spiders Nursery Web Spiders Sac Spiders Comb-footed Cobweb Orb Weavers Common House Spider Funnel Web Spiders Daddy Long Legs or Cellar Spiders Grass Spiders Ground Spiders Crab Spiders