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yes there are different types of gills in different types of fishes.

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Q: Are there different types of fish gills?
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How are birds and fish different?

It is different by a fish has gills and a bird dont. A bird an fly a fish cant, see the difference?

How do you tell the difference between different types of fish?

the colours, shape, sizes, teeth, fins, gills anything really

All types of fish?

All types of fish have gills and live underwater. They do not include amphibians or aquatic mammals such as whales and dolphins.

How fish and snake different?

Snakes are different from fish because they are reptiles, they have lungs instead of gills and generally live on land. Fish need to live in water, generally have fins, and breathe through gills.

Fish have this instead of lungs?

Fish Use Gills Instead of lungs. Gills Help fish to Breath. Fish Use Gills Instead of lungs. Gills Help fish to Breath.

Which animals have gill chambers?

Fish are animals that have gills. There are many types of fish, and they can be found in the ocean and in lakes.

Do hag fish have gills?

all fish have gills

Do fighter fish have gills?

yes all fish have gills.

Do siames fitghing fish have gills?

All fish have gills. Their gills are like lungs. And if they didn't have gills they would die.

Do fish breathe with lungs or gills?


How is a Reptile different from a fish?

A reptile is cold-breathing a fish is not. A Fish has gills a reptile doesn't That's about all i can tghink of.....

Do squids have gills?

Yes, Squids have gills. They need them to breathe underwater. There's different kinds of squids and therefore different kinds of gills that they have but generally they have a total of 4 gills, 2 on each side. On a sidenote to the previous answer: Squids are NOT fish.