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The idea of people turning into animals has no real substantial evidence. No, people cannot turn into wolves.

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yes there are yes there are

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Q: Are there people who change into warewolves?
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Are the wolves off of wolf's rain werewolves or wolves?

They are wolves that can change into human forms. But they're not warewolves since they don't require the full moon for their transformations. And they definitely do not eat people.

Are there warewolves?

No they don't exist

Are there really warewolves?

No they don't exist

Are warewolves evil?

Warewolves are fictional creatures often found in books and movies. Whether or not they are "evil" is dependent on the story line and the creator of the work.

Are there ghosts in Thriller?

No, only zombies and warewolves

What is the name for new moons warewolves pack?

The protectors

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We believe in the religion of warewolves :)

Are warewolves vertebrates?

yes they are they will eat wat ever they find!!

Why did Annie Oakley go to jail?

no he got eaten by warewolves

Are vampires and warewolves real?

No ------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thats what they believe want you to believe. yes although it's not the classic idea. Vampires are people who drink blood and they typically get diseases and die young. Warewolves are people who have a medical condition in which they grow hair on every inch of their body or people that get abilitys to have amazing smell or hearing or have dog like habits like making odd growling sounds when they get angry or disturbed.

Are vampires and warewolves of same categories?

vampires and werewolves are opposites of each other

Are there any werewolves in True Blood?

yes. the warewolves are introduced during season 3.