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Yes, white does exist in horses. It is called 'Dominate White' and is a genetic mutation of the Kit gene. It causes a white coat, pink skin, and brown eyes. There are also other forms of white caused by the Sabino and Splashed white genes (this can also cause blue eyes instead of brown) .

White is not to be confused with Grey where the horses coat turns white over a period of time. (They have grey skin under the hair.) Or Double Dilutes, such as cremello, perlino, and smoky cream. These horses have pink skin, blue eyes and an off-white or creamy colored coat.

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It depends. There is the color "white" that is usually to categorize horses, but there is also pink or red-eyed albino, along with blue or wall-eyed albino.


also, horses can appear to be white, but are classified as "grey" because they aren't fully white, the only horses that are classified as white are albino horses

White horses are called grey.

you can get dappled grey, flea bitten grey, ect.

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Yes. The Liepensinger Stallions are all pure white. Silver was a pure white stallion.

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No, horses can't actually be white, they are technically grey.

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Q: Are white horses actually called white horses?
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What term is used to describe a grey horse?

Not to be confused with a Dun, a gray colored horse is called a Gray. Characteristics are a blending of white and black hairs and range from very light to very dark. At birth Grays are dark and lighten as they mature.

What color was HenryIV white horse?

The 'white horses' were actually very light greys. The two most famous ones were Blueskin (There were two Blueskin's) and another grey Arabian originally called Ranger but was later called Lindsay's Arabian.

A small field for horses?

A small field for horses is called a paddock. It is actually called ''paddock'' ....................

Where do American White Horses live?

Well, their called American White Horses. So i think the answer is "American"

Is George Washingtons white horse white?

No, his horse was actually a grey. There are no "pure white" horses. They are all grays. Even the Lipizzaner horses of Vienna are grey.

What is susan boyles new single called?

white horses

Where are White horses found?

The term "white horses" is given to the breaking crest of a wave, so the answer is on water when it is windy. However, white horses can also be bread on farms and at studs/stables (they are usually called "greys").

What is a white person called that is actually white as a wall?

it's called bright white

What is a white horses certain name?

well...white horses are actually called greys, if thats what you mean Answer 2: There is no specific name for a white colored horse unless you are referring to the color itself. There are two basic types of white. The first and most common is called 'Maximum White Sabino', this is where a Sabino marked horse comes out with no color in it's coat, they typically have blue eyes. Then there is 'True Dominant White' which is a mutation of the KIT gene and allows the horse to come out pure white. Grey horses who's coats have turned white with age are often misidentified as white due to a lack of color knowledge. The old and very persistent rumor that there are no white horses is just that, a rumor.

What do you call a horse with a white butt?

Most horses with a white rear (called a blanket) are Appaloosas.

Wild horses in north American are not actually wild what are they?

wild horses are called "mustangs" and yes, they a re wild

Arabian horses have black skin so they cannot be which of these colors?

Arabian horses cannot be Dominant White. Although, it is possible for an Arabian horse to appear white, it is actually a gray. For Howrse Archimedes question: Dominant White