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DEFINITELY NOT. Just talk to it softly and it should stop being aggressive. Hitting or hurting will only make things worse, so don't even consider it.

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This is a good answer, thanks!
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No. You don't want to hurt it. Why would you even think of doing something like that?

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my guinea pig bits me what do i do

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Q: Are you supposed to hit your guinea pig?
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When are you supposed to separate a male guinea pig from the pregnant female guinea pig?

YES and do it fast

What is Tiny white spots on guinea pig?

Probably it's just what your guinea pig is supposed to look like. It's okay.

Do they eat guinea pig in Argentina?

nope, we don't. in Peru they do, it's supposed to be healthy, but we argentinians eat cow, lamb, goat... no guinea pig... or dogs... or rats...

Why does my guinea pig have white on its body it's a white crested and they are not supposed to have white on their bodies?

your guinea pig may be a hybrid (not a purebred), this means it would be part white crested part other guinea pig breed. this would explain why the guinea pigs fur has white.

How do you know when you should cut your guinea pig's nails?

I believe you are supposed to cut a guinea pigs nails once a year.

Are you supposed to feel your guinea pigs bones?

it depends on where on the guinea pig, if its the limbs then that's fin if you can feel your pigs ribs that can be an issue.take your pig to the vet for advice if your not sure its eating right.

How do you pronounce guinea pig?

It is spelled "guinea pig". You got it right! :)

When are you supposed to take a boy guinea pig away from the mom?

at about 5 weeks because he will go into heat

Can you leave guinea pig unattended in secure garden?

you shouldn't unless it has a hut guinea pigs love to eat and chew things theyre not supposed to.

What is the phenotype of a black guinea pig and a white guinea pig?

The phenotype of the black guinea pig is black, and the pheno type of the white guinea pig is white.

How do you get your guinea pig in a guinea pig show?

go into 4h and they do guinea pig showing for all ages

What type of guinea pig do you have?

I don't have a guinea pig.