Big ears tear drops and cat ears?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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yes you do have big ears tear drops and also cat ears

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Q: Big ears tear drops and cat ears?
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What had big eyes tear drops and cat ears?

The answer is ANIME, the form of Japanese animation. I did that same crossword puzzle for Social Studies.

How big are snow leopards ears?

about the size of a tigers paw,or a bob cat

What does it mean if your cat's pupils are really big?

...that your cat is in a dark place. -_- (Also, it might be perturbed, especially if its ears are flat against its head.)

What breed of cat do you have your cat is all white with big ears and a grey patch on top of her head?

It might be somevariety of Siamese mix. If your cat is very vocal, it probably is.

Why does elephants have bigger ears than cats?

an elephant has biggest ears than a cat is because elephants are big animals but a cat is a small animal. And a cat can be used as pet at home but an elephant live in the forest or in the zoo , elephant can not be kept at home

Does a boy cat have black ears and a girl cat have white ears?

No. Ear color has nothing to do with the gender of a cat.

I have tried everything so how do you all put earmite drops in the cats ears without harming both of you?

Have you tried wrapping the cat up in a towel, like a straightjacket?

What is the purpose of the pouch on the outside of a cat's ears?

The 'pouches' on the ears are actually loose skin folds that allow the ears to fold smoothly if the cat pulls its ears back. These skin folds are perfectly natural and are found on every domestic cat's ears.

What kind of hairstyle should you use for a black cat Halloween costume?

Either go with big and wild, or pull it back to better show off your cat ears.

What is the shape of cats ears?

A cat's ears are that of a triangle shape.

How serious is a tear in a cat's third eyelid?

Depends on how serious the tear is. This is a question for a VETERINARIAN

How do you differentiate between a dog and a cat?

really?well,cats are ussualy smaller and lighter,ussually dogs are big and heavy,cats ALWAYS have pointed ears,sometimes dogs have foppy ears.