Body parts on the honey bees are used for?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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1. worker bees of a certain age will secrete beeswax from a series of glands on their abdomens. 2.the flattend area on their hind legs is where the pollen basket is located.

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Q: Body parts on the honey bees are used for?
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What do bees make?

Bees make honey, and wax. The wax is used to make candles. The honey is used to make your tea sweet!Honey

Bees do what?

they collect pollen from flowers and take it to there hive to make honey

Honey bees use there mouth?

honeybees used wat body god its so hard plz help

What natural resources are used to make honey?


How are bumble bees used by humans?

We use there honey

What is the difference between honeybees and bumblebees?

Body shape is different: a honey bee's body is similar to that of a wasp, while the bumble bee has a round body. The bumble bee is also known for it's hairy or fuzzy appearance. Honey bees, although having a fine hairs appear much smoother. Bumble bees are also usually black and yellow in colour, honey bees more shades of brown. Bumble bees are similar to honey bees in that a hive will consist of a queen, female worker bees, and male drones, who are responsible for mating with the queen. They do produce honey, but in very small amounts, so they are not used for commercial honey production. Another similarity is that only the females possess stingers. Bumble bees tend to live in fairly small nests, which are usually in the ground. For this reason, they do not swarm like honey bees. Bumble bees can thrive in colder climates than most honey bees because they can regulate their body temperature and they have furry bodies. With many bumble bee varieties, only the queen will survive over the winter, and she hibernates in her nest. Honey bees do not hibernate, and although the drones are evicted from the hive at the end of summer and die, the queen and workers over-winter in the hive, taking the opportunity to forage whenever the air temperature is high enough.

Do bees eat orgins of the flower?

No, bees don't eat anything on a flower while standing on it, they gather its pollen on their legs and fly back to the hive where the pollen is used to make honey by eating it then vomiting it, the honey (product of the pollen) is fed to the pupas. That is the only eating of flower parts that is done by bees.

What are honeybees used for?

Making honey. If you buy a jar of honey in a supermarket, it has been produced by honey bees.The uses for honey bees are to produce honey

How were bees used in the Tudor Times?

sugar was a luxury so instead they used honey to sweeten things

How did honey island swamp get its name?

it got its name from the honey bees that used to be all around that area

How do bees make nectar into honey?

It doesn't. Bees make honey from nectar. Pollen is used to feed the bee larvae.

Why do bees take flowers pollen?

Bees take pollen to make honey.