Can a cats kitten breed the mother?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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yes if a mother cat gave birth to a son and he grow upp he will mate with her

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Q: Can a cats kitten breed the mother?
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Do mother cats eat their kitten if they die?

Of course not.

Do cats associate related cats as family?

Not unless its a kitten with mother, they don't usually do it.

Do kittens usually pee on their own This kitten has her eyes open and can support her own weight to walk.?

If the kitten has a mother the mother will help the kitten naturally, if not you might have to take a warm cloth and wipe the kitten's bum. That's how mother cats get them to go, the lick their bums

Why are my kitten's whiskers short?

The Mother cats chew them off to "low down" the kittens.

How do you get colored cats on petz cats clan?

It depens on what color you want. You can unlock differnent breeds of cats, so if you mix two colors you can sometimes get a NEW color. I once got a poor kitten with a Red head and a Green body at the beach! You can get a pink cat when you breed a Maine Coon and Abyssinian then breed that with an American Shorthair, but then if you breed that with another Abyssinian the kitten is pinkish then as an adult it is blue!

How does cats hold there baby?

By the nape of the kitten's neck. The nape is a patch of loose skin on the back of the neck; mother cats will bite this and carry the kittens around. (But don't worry, it doesn't hurt the kitten!)

How are animals by their relationship?

They are caring like a mother in case of birds, and breed with the opposite sex.They can also be very aggressive and kill their young ones as in case of cats

What breed is your kitten?

My kitten is a tabby cat from New Jersey who is very curious. If you want to learn more about various cat breeds, you should check out animal planet's cats 101.

Do mother cats know when kittens have died?

Yes but she will refuse to believe it and still treat the kitten as if it were alive.

Why do cats and kitten communicate?

The mother cat does it to teach the kittens survival in the wild, and to teach it manners and how to communicate with other cats, its very important that they learn.

Do cats know their gender?

Some male cats know a kitten is theirs by their scent and mother, but most males even if they know the kitten is theirs will probably not want to have much to do with it, because of the mother cat's protectiveness over her children. However a few male cats will actually bring food to the mother and babies and take care of them part of the time.

Will the mother cat take a kitten back after it spent the night ithe house with two oher cats?

That is a good question. It may but first you need to remove the other cats scent from the kitten. Give it a short bath in kitten shampoo. After the kitten is dry, rub the kitten against the mama cat without the mama seeing the kitten. Doing this puts mamas scent back on the kitten and will make for a better meeting.