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No, a female cat can't get pregnant once spayed as the ovaries are taken out.

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No, a female cat can't get pregnant once spayed as the ovaries are taken out.
Nope.. =)

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Q: Can a female cat become pregnant after being spayed?
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Do older female dogs become aggressive after being spayed?


How do you prevent a female dog from being pregnant?

Get it spayed. Spaying a dog means removing its eggs.

Can a cat become pregnant after being spayded?

If it is done properly, a spayed cat no longer has uterus or ovaries. There is no place for the kittens to grow. If a spayed cat has gotten pregnant, then the spaying was done incorrectly or incompletely.

Can female dogs bleed after they have been spayed?

No, they wont go into season after being spayed

What happens to a dog in heat after being spayed?

A dog that's been spayed will no longer have heat cycles, and will stop attracting the attention of male dogs. She can never become pregnant.

Should you de-sex a female dog?

Yes-have her spayed but a female dog is still a female dog even after being spayed. Can't "de-sex!

Do female dogs gain weight by being spayed?

yes. when an animal gets spayed they become less active. when they are recovering they sleep and lie down. If you feed it too much it will gain weight.

Can a female cat die from going into estrus after being spayed?

Estrus is the time in a female cats reproductive cycle which the female cat is receptive to the male cat. According to the question posted the cat had been spayed. If the cat has really been spayed it cannot come into estrus. If it has not actually been spayed and you just think it has, then it could come into estrus, but this is not dangerous (except she may get pregnant). Either way she will not die, or at least not of that!

Do female cats still mark their territory after being spayed?

no, they dont

Can dogs still be pregnant after being spayed?

NO! That's the whole point of getting spayed. If your dog is supposedly spayed and gets pregnant, first i would go to the vet and check before i assume she is pregnant. Then, if she really is pregnant, I would call up the place where the dog got "spayed" and sue them but make sure you have a reciet or papers of some sort

Why does your dog become fat after being spayed?

It`s usually hormonal.

Can a female being get pregnant by a female dog?


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