Can a guinea pig go in a critter trail?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Critter Trails are meant for much smaller rodents like gerbils or hamsters -- guinea pigs are far too large for them and need much more space to live in.

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Q: Can a guinea pig go in a critter trail?
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How do you get your guinea pig in a guinea pig show?

go into 4h and they do guinea pig showing for all ages

What does it when your guinea pig cleats it teeth?

It means that the guinea pig wants to go back In its cage if not that then the guinea pig is cooled

Why does your guinea pig have a purple foot?

If your guinea pig has a purple foot, you need to go to the vet!

What kind of tubes can you use to connect habitrail ovo and crittertrail?

critter trail tubes that say they can go into critter trail cages or habitrail. Don't get tubes that wont fit or are cheap or hard to clean

What are some things to do with your guinea pig?

theres loads of things you can do with your guinea pig. you can handle it, or buy a special guinea pig lead and take your guinea pig for a walk around the garden, you can build and obstacle course for your guinea pig!

Sims 2 pets on wii can you have a guinea pig and if yes how do you get a guinea pig?

go to pets stuff in build or buy mode then you will find a cage that a guinea pig will mostl ikely live in buy that it comes with a guinea pig

What is the most babies a guinea pig has ever had?

well in one go a female guinea pig can have 20 babies sbut the most i have seen n one go are 60

How do you heal a guinea pig?

go to the vet.

Can gerbils go into a guinea pig cage?

Yes, they can but not together WITH the guinea pigs.

You don't want your guinea pig?

if you dont want your guinea pig there are plenty of guinea homes for them! look in the yellow pages or the paper for more places they can go

What happens if mist from febreeze gets on a guinea pig?

well...if your guinea pig hasvery sensitive skin then your guinea pig will probably develop some sort of rash.....otherwise its harmless and will do nothing to the guinea pig. you can go to a vet to get the cream to help the rash heal

What can i give a guinea pig for pain?

You should go to your local vet and tell him or her about your guinea pig's pain and he or she will give you some medication.