Can a house cat get cat flu?

Updated: 8/10/2023
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Yes, cats can die from Cat Flu (Feline Herpes Virus/ Feline Virus Rhinotracheitis/Feline Calicivirus), however it seldom causes death in previously healthy cats. Kittens and older cats are more at risk from Cat Flu.

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it's possible a house cat could catch the flu but you have to take care the room is not too cold or not too warm Thank You For Using :)

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Q: Can a house cat get cat flu?
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Is Swine Flu back?

Yes swine flu is so back cause my cat has it!

Can cats get the Pandemic Swine Flu H1N1 09?

There is now one reported case of a domestic house cat having symptoms and tested positive by laboratory testing for A-H1N1/09. The cat was in very close contact with its owner who had the flu first.For more information about swine flu and pets, see the related link to the American Veterinary Medical Association below.

Can you give cat flu to other cats?

No. Cat flu can only infect cats. Cat flu, like a human cold, is contagious, so cat flu can spread quickly in a multi-cat household. If your cat starts sneezing, become lethargic, off its food, has mucus coming from its eyes or nose you should take them to the vet & have them checked out. Most vets will often prescribe a week-long dose of antibiotics. Never use your own medicine on your pet.

What do you call a cat's house?

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Were is the Swine Flu today?

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Why has my cat got a runny nose and drooling could it be foxgloves?

Could be cat flu, take it to a vet...

Is domestic cat another name for cat?

it means a cat that lives in a house (house cat).

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Is a tabby cat a good house cat?

Yes, any domestic cat is a good house cat.

What are the symptoms of cat flu do kittens get it?

Yes, cats and kittens can most definitely get the flu - it can be pretty serious sometimes and fatal in kittens. Symptoms can include sneezing, runny eyes and nose and loss of appetite. A trip to the vet is highly recommmended if you suspect your pet has cat flu. It's worth noting that humans can't catch flu from cats and vice verse. There's plenty of help and information on cat flu and cat colds at

Can you go to your friends house with a cold or flu?

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