Can ants kill other animals

Updated: 8/11/2023
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yes they can kill other animals but not big animals small animals.

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One ant can't really kill an elephant. Unless the elephant sees the ant, but that is kind of impossible, and has a heart attack.

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Q: Can ants kill other animals
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With what other animals does the panda live?


If you kill an ant does that make you a non vegan?

Vegans would not intentionally kill any animals, including ants.

Which type of animal kill their type?

There are several species of ants that will kill other ants, some spiders that kill their mate after procreation, and of course humans are well known for killing of other humans.

What are army ants used for?

They are used to protect the colony and go kill animals for food

How Insects outnumber all the other animals by?


Do lizards kill animals?

all animals kill other animals

Can ants hear sounds made by other animals including humans?

ants are not able to here anything

What animal lives in a colony?

Many. Such as Ants, Prarie Dogs, and other animals that live underground.

Can fire ants kill worms?

Definitely. Fire ants in numbers can kill humans. Ants are usually gatherers but if something threatens them they will amass on the threat and light it up with the acid that they inject with their bite.

Do people kill animals?

yes sharks can kill people. venomous snakes can kill people. anything large or venomous or posionous can kill people. even ants can kill somebody

Does sweet and low kill ants?

There is no evidence to support that Sweet and Low, or any other artificial sweetener kills ants or other insects.

What animals do Venus Flytraps kill?

The Venus flytrap is an insectivorous plant. It eats only insects which get attracted to the nectar present in it such as fleas, bees, ants and other insects.