Can cats be albino

Updated: 4/28/2022
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im pretty sure that they can be albino.

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Q: Can cats be albino
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Are cats with white fur and blue eyes albino?

No they are not.

Does temperature affects genotype of Siamese cats resulting in areas of pigment of different colors?

Temperature affects the C gene codes for the enzyme tyrosinase, the first step in pigment production. The recessive alleles determine whether a cat is a complete albino or a temperature sensitive albino. These genes affect the color of the cats eyes and coat.

Will my child be albino if the child's father is albino?

There is a very low percentage of having a albino child if you yourself are not albino ==you can have an albino baby==

Can albino mountain lions be found in siberia?

Highly unlikely as mountain lions are native to North America. If a captive animal were to escape then it could be possible but the chances of it being an albino are incredibly slim. No true albino mountain lions have ever been spotted or bred. Albinism in cats is rare anyway (occurring only 2% of the feline population).

Is Boris Johnson albino?

Are you Albino?

What term is used for an animal lacking in pigmentation?

a person or animal that lacks pigment in their skin, hair, and eyes would be albino.

What are some albino animals?

There are white(albino) lions and one time I saw a white(albino)alligator!Or was it a crocodile...Many animals are albino.

What is albino shark?

a shark thats an albino

Why you call them as albino rats?

Because their albino....

What is an albino tiger?

A albino tiger is a tiger that is white just like when people say" YOUR ALBINO"!

What do you get if you breed an albino ballpython to an albino ballpython?

I'd have to say probably an Albino Ballpython. Although there would be a small chance of it being non-Albino

What do you call an albino elephant?

lol albino elephants...