Can frogs be used to predict rain?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Certain frogs are known to "predict" rain. Some frogs even have a unique croak to foretell rain.
refer to this site:

"frogs as a meteorologist"

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Q: Can frogs be used to predict rain?
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Historically people in Europe used which household pet to predict the approach of rain or bad weather?


What device is used to predict rain?

Rain Gauge

What is a sentence with the word predict?

We predict there will be rain later.The computer will help predict the path of the hurricane.The psychic could not predict that his show would be postponed.

How is a rain gauge used to predict weather?

No, a rain gauge is used to determine the amount of rain that has already fallen. A rain gauge is used to measure the amount of rain-water fall in a particular area; it can not be used to predict weather conditions. The instrument used to mease weather conditions are: weather satellite, Doppler radar, and weather balloons. These instruments the computer technology which enable them to read and predict weather conditions.

Why do frogs like rain?

Frogs are amphibians, and amphibians need to keep their skin moist, and rain helps with that.

Sentence for predict?

Amy said "I predict rain all over the stae."

Can it or will it ever rain frogs?

No it cannot and will not.

What is the habitat of tree frogs?

TREESTree frogs live in a tropical rainforest's.

Does the big dippers position predict rain?


What human actions are causing this threat about frogs?

Too much rain. We must turn the rain machine off so the frogs will die.

In what country do rainforest frogs live?

The Australian rain forests have frogs especially to the north.

What frogs spit poison?

Some frogs in the tropical rain forest can but in the U.S you do not have to worry.