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They can,but make sure its 22 to 25 degree. Not cooler than that. And make sure they have a place to be warm for example,a hide house with soft bedding. But if you have baby hamsters, do not keep them in air condition room or else they'll get sick or even die.

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Why not? its not like they live in the desert. the hamster will feel cool and relaxed with an airconditioner.

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no if it has food and water but it will poo every where

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Q: Can hamster stay in an air condition room?
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Would your hamster hide in the air vents in your house?

my hamster is hiding in our air vents. I know because it smells like an old hamster cage. My question is how do I get it out?? Our last hamster died in there and it smelled almost as bad. (ps: if you have a 3 year old, don't get a hamster!) One way to get a hamster out is to look for a ceiling vent in your basement. If you have floor vents in your first floor, then the ceiling vent will be on the same level. Once you find a ceiling vent, find where hammy is hiding. Listen for little footsteps in the air vents. When you think he's near the ceiling vent, stuck hamster tubes up inside of it. Hammy won't be able to resist crawling in his hamster tubes! That's how i got my hamster out of the air vents. - ya u totally copied that from the hamster hideout forum...

How plants are affected by air condition and pollution?

plants are affected by air condition and pollution because it makes rain turn into air.

Can hamsters stay alive in a shoe box?

No! Not for a long period of time. Any animal that is confined in a small space without a renewable air supply will mostly likely die. No animal should be left in a shoe box. Leaving them in a shoe box while cleaning their cage for only 15-30 minutes should be okay, but make sure there is a towel or some type of bedding, and punch some air holes in the sides and top of the box.

Can you throw a hamster up in the air?

No no matter what that is very crucial to your hamster.

Is it cruel to keep a hamster in a cage?

Yes. It's like if you were kept in your bedroom all your life. Hamsters don't live very long and they should be able to make the most of their lives. If you have a hamster, get it a Hamster Ball and put it in the back grden to roam around, or ask your vet how your hamster can be happier. Don't keep your hamster in it's cage for more than 24 hours. It's just the same as you getting no fresh air for a whole day or longer. Just like us, hamsters breathe (suprise, suprise) so they need oxygen. Leave the window open when your hamster is in it's cave. If you go on holiday and give your hamster to someone to look after it, make sure they get air and the right food and make sure you fully trust your friend to follow the rules you abide by. Thankyou for taking your time to read through, I'm sure your hamster will really appreaciate it. Also, cuddle and spend time with your hamster, it needs love too. Who knows if theres a hmster heaven?!

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NO it will freeze its face off and die

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you can as long as you have a filter and a fish tank

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What happens when your hamster feels heavy?

When your hamster feels heavy that may mean she is putting weight to stay on your hand or ground but when they are in air or being accidentally droped they reduce the weight and become lighter to reduce the chance of fall damage.