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No, we can't crossbreed with animals.

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2012-03-14 23:30:04
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Q: Can humans crossbreed with animals
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Why do humans make animals crossbreed?

They want to know what it is like to cross animals.

Can humans and animals crossbreed?

No the genes just won't split.

What can you crossbreed with a human?

other humans. and that is it. other humans. and that is it.

Can neighbors crossbreed on tap zoo?

No. You can crossbreed only the animals that you have in your zoo

Can humans and rabbits crossbreed?

No, I don't believe that is possible.

What is the date that a liger became endangered?

Ligers are animals created when humans crossbreed tigers and lions. They are not found in the wild, so have no level of endangerment.

What Do you get when you crossbreed animals in tap zoo 2?

while it would have alittle bite of everthing of those two animals. the better animals to crossbreed is a bird and a bear or a horse with a monkey. It does not look uguly.

What do you get when you crossbreed a bear and shamrock gorilla on zoo story 2?

If you are playing Zoo Story 2, you can crossbreed animals. For 22 gems, you can crossbreed a shamrock gorilla and a bear. You will get a lucky bear.

What animals do you crossbreed to get the bullfrog in pet shop story?

bulland frog

What are the requirements of 2 animals to crossbreed?

They must have the same amount of Genes.

What do you get when you cross a moose a buffalo and a badger?

The animals are incompatible and cannot crossbreed

Why would a scientist crossbreed an animal?

They do it with the animals to get a better working animal for instance mule a crossbreed of a horse and a donkey so I also say that they just test to see if they can make future animals like the wooly mammoth.

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