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No it is not because the guinea pig needs space to move around and the cage designed for a guinea pig is the perfect size for a guinea pig as the same with a hamster cage. NO!!!!! This is torture for a guinea pig!!! And a lot of the cages designed for guinea pigs are too small. Try building a c&c cage. They need at LEAST 7.5 square feet.

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First answer: They will eat it. It is a tummy ache in the making.

A different answer: Actually, cardboard isn't bad for your rabbit - it can even count as extra fiber in the diet! It can also make a great toy to keep your bunny entertained. For example:

  • The cardboard roll inside toilet paper and paper towels can make a fun toy to nibble on and throw around. Stuff it with hay to make it even better!
  • An old Yellow Pages (phone directory) is a favourite with rabbits that like to shred (and it gets their mind off your carpeting!)
  • A cardboard box goes a long way toward increasing your bunny's peace of mind and avoiding stress. Not only can your bunny play with it (tear it apart), but if you cut two holes in the sides it works as a great "bolt box" or hidey-hole: a safe place for your bunny to go when he's feeling nervous.

There are two important factors about cardboard and your bunny that you need to know:

Use plain cardboard only: avoid heavily bleached cardboard, brightly-coloured cardboard, glossy finishes, and other heavily processed paper products, because all the chemicals used in these things aren't healthy for rabbits (or any animal) to consume.

Make sure your bunny is leading a happy, healthy lifestyle, with lots and lots of hay! When they're terribly bored and/or stressed out, rabbits can be self-destructive, and this includes eating too much of bad things and getting sick. Rabbits are grazers in the wild, which means they hop and nibble and forage on-and-off all day long. Your pet bunny needs to be able to do these things too, or else he'll suffer mental health problems, and eventually he'll get physically sick, too. Hay is a great way to beat boredom and anxiety, and it also keeps their guts and teeth healthy because of all the fiber hay. Cardboard has a bit of fiber but it can't be the main source of fiber: that would be unhealthy. A happy, healthy bunny who has plenty of hay can be safety trusted not to over-eat cardboard.

See the related questions/links below for more details.

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It's good to have a cage where your guinea pig is able to explore every corner without bumping into the sides. It should not have a wheel - guinea pigs are not hamsters.

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In principle yes, but note that Guinea Pigs chew on the cardboard; in fact they love it! Cardboard cages are only OK for very short term use, such as transportation to the vet and back.

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Q: Can you put cardboard in cage with rabbit?
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Rabbits are territorial and when you put a male in a female's cage, it is her space. Therefore it's better to put the doe in the buck's cage.

How much bedding do you put on a gerbil cage?

From what I read you need to put at least an inch of bedding in there cage and give them toilet paper and cardboard tubes to chew up to make a nest.

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You cannot use a cardboard box that is a full square with a hole in it. That is more commonly used for a little playhouse/privacy for your rabbit. You can use a lid of a cardboard box, but shorten it for the size of your rabbit's size. Place a small wooden block for your rabbit to gnaw on, as he/she might nibble the cardboard ( so the block is distracting the rabbit. ). Be sure to put some rabbit treats in the litter box (if it is the rabbits first time using one) so he/she makes it an often place to use. I have a rabbit myself X) ! Sorry if i went on.

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