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Can we use Germolene on the dog's paw between the foot pad and toes? It appears to be sore.

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Q: Can you use germolene on your dogs wound?
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Can you use palmer's cocoa butter on an open wound?

You can, it won't do any harm. But you'd be better off using an antiseptic cream such as germolene/savlon, just to keep the wound clean and germ free. Palmer's is not an antiseptic cream.

Should i use salt water to heal my dogs wound?

yes u should use salt water to heal your dogs wound. yes u should use it but boil it.

Should a dogs wound be bandaged?

It depends on the size, location and type of wound.

Why do dogs wear cones?

Dogs wear cones to stop them from licking a wound or an infection and to protect their skin

The Vet put the cone around your dogs neck to keep him from messing with a wound but he keeps sliding it off what can you do to keep him from bothering his wound?

You can train your dog to stop bothering his wound

What does a screw worm wound look like on a dog?

Its a circular wound moist all around and at a closer look you will notice movements within the wound. The diameter of the wound will gradually enlarge. The worms can also be visible within the wound.

Why do dogs have to have a cone?

Sometimes its to keep them from scratching, biting, or licking a wound or infection.

How do you use wound up a sentence?

I wound my self up when I as skipping with my friends All the girls wound up for a fight.

When should you use alcohol on a wound?

Never! It will sting like crazy. Never use anything on an open wound that you wouldn't use in your eye.

Can you use betadine on an animal wound?

A 5% betadine solution is best for dogs and cats. Mainly use for aseptically cleaning of wounds and surgical suture (after spaying and neutering). Watch for excessive discharge on the wound site, if this happens. Flush it with saline solution and the betadine to dry it. Minimize the use of betadine to once every other day and watch for allergic reaction. If your dogs or cats are allergic to seafood, DO NOT USE it. Consult a nearest DVM if symptoms persist. Be kind to animals. Yours truly, Jon D. DVM.

Can you get a dogs stitches wet?

no you cant because otherwise the stitches will get wet and then get soggy and fall out then if the wound isn't healed enough then the cut, or wound could bleed a lot.

Why use sterile gauze on the wound site?

So you do not introduce bacteria into the wound and have an infection.