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No reason why not - It wont harm the material. Just use sparingly, and make sure its rubbed in well. Polish with a dry cloth after application.

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Q: Can you use vaseline on snake skin shoes?
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What do you do for dry skin on fingers?

you use moisturizer there this really good stuff it has Vaseline in it and there one especially designed for dry skin

What is the best blister treatment for runners?

The reason you are getting blisters in the first place is probably because your socks and/or shoes don't fit properly and that is causing your skin to rub against your socks and shoes and creates a blister. You need to get better fitting shoes, use moleskin and vaseline and the blisters should be gone for good.

How do you stop lip skin from peeling?

Use Vaseline or a similar product Use pure butter on ur lips

What are the local plants that you can use to shine shoes?

you can use banana skin too shine shoes it works really great their skin have a kind of 'thing' that can shine shoes!!

How do you get soft lips?

Use a toothbrush to brush them to remove any dry skin and put on Vaseline at night.

How do you remove oil base paint from your hands after it was on there for a couple hours?

I would use vaseline (petroleum Jelly). Work the vaseline into the skin and then washing your hands in warm, soapy water.

Can you put vaseline on leather shoes?

Yes, you can use petroleum jelly to care and maintain leather shoes to help them stay soft, shiny and durable. Petroleum jelly is a mineral oil-based product commonly used to lubricate and protect leather and other materials. Here are some ways to use petroleum jelly to care for leather shoes: Cleaning: Before applying petroleum jelly, first make sure your leather shoes are thoroughly cleaned. Use a damp cloth or leather cleaner to gently wipe the uppers to remove stains and dust. Drying: Make sure the shoes are completely dry and do not apply Vaseline when they are damp or wet. Apply: Pour a small amount of Vaseline onto a soft cloth and gently rub it into the uppers of your shoes. Use even pressure to make sure the Vaseline evenly covers the entire upper. Wipe: Use another clean cloth or a leather brush to gently wipe the shoes to remove excess petroleum jelly and shine the uppers. Care: Regularly care for your leather shoes with Vaseline to help prevent the leather from drying out and cracking, and to extend the life of your shoes. Vaseline may cause leather shoes to darken over time, so it is recommended to test it in a less visible area first to ensure it meets your needs and expectations. At WeeReplica you can find a huge range of shoes.

Is Vaseline good for rashes?

Vaseline is totally bad for rashes, if you have emmoilient cream or moisturiser that would help, but vaseline actually makes rashes worse and can cause skin disease if you are not careful. Use moisturiser or emmoilient cream Jenny A Doctor

Does Vaseline help fade the apperance of stretch marks?

Vaseline may help a little to fade stretch marks. The best use for Vaseline is to help prevent stretch marks before they form. Keeping skin moisturized is important in preventing stretch marks.

What is grammatically correct snake sheds its skin or snake sheds it's skin?

snake sheds its skin - no apostrophe needed. With respect to the word "it", its represents possessive form of the word and it's is a contraction of "it is". The incorrect use of the either is a common mistake.

Is there a product to prevent hair dye from dying your skin?

I use Vaseline. I put it on my ears and shoulders and forehead before dying. and it helps prevent getting dye on your skin

What do people use white tigers skin for?

They use it for accessories and clothes and shoes and pocketbooks.