Care for baby mallard ducklings

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It's the single biggest killer in all wild ducks, feeding them is killing them!

Just like when you see the "Please don't feed the bears" signs, wild animals should never be fed. That includes WILD ducks.

It's bad for any kind of duck, wild or domestic, or the domestic ducks people "release" to the wild. Note the fact that they are DOMESTIC ducks, and can't live in the WILD. WILD ducks can live in the WILD; but DOMESTIC ducks can only live in DOMESTIC settings. They have been bred for centuries to be fatter for human consumption, and shorter wing spans to reduce fly-aways in the domestic farm/backyard setting. Plus, they have 'odd' coloration compared to wild ducks. White is a dead giveaway to a predator.

DO NOT take them from the wild. I believe it's illegal in most U.S. states to remove ducks from the wild for any reason, so doing so could get you a huge fine.

For duckling help, go to these sites:

Go to and click on the CARE & HEALTH button. also help.

And as with all animals, a qualified expert (like a veterinarian, wild animal rehaber ect.) can be a wealth of information. If they can't help you, call your local Fish and Game association or something.

Honestly you guys need to calm down... anyways you can go to many sites and if its a mallard you have or want to have then if you raise it, not to be attached to you and you get it wander around and live mostly without you, then there is a chance it will be able to survive in the wild....I'm getting 2 mallard ducklings tommarrow(:

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Q: Care for baby mallard ducklings
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Female Mallard on my pond with four ducklings two of which are pure yellow is this normal as I have only ever seen Mallard ducklings black with yellow?

The mallard ducklings are probably not pure mallard ducklings. The female mallard probably mated with a pekin duck, which are the big white ducks, Pekins are yellow as ducklings.

Will koi eat baby ducklings. We have a mallard duck nesting next to our koi pond. When the ducklings hatch will the koi eat them if they swim in the pond?

yes they will

When do mallard ducklings get there colors?

As they grow

Does mallard have kids?

Yes, they are known as ducklings.

Can mallard ducklings see at birth?

Ducklings are not born, they are hatched. Yes, they can see after they hatch.

What happens when Mrs. Mallard and her ducklings leave the river to the public garden in the book Make Way For Ducklings?

The ducklings are too young to fly and the cars will not stop for Mrs. Mallard and her little family. The kind policeman, Michael, enlists the help of other officers to stop traffic and the duck family is reunited with Mr. Mallard.

What should you call two baby ducklings?

Just ducklings.

How does a duckling care for her young?

Actually, a duckling is a baby duck, so ducklings don't have babies, because they are babies.

What happens if there is no pond or water source where the mallard ducklings are born?

The ducklings will die as they will not have any water to drink and no fish to eat, and they could not go to another pond as they don't know how to fly.

Do wood ducks and mallards get along?

Yes they do get along well my mallard and my pekin duck mated and had ducklings.

You have a rooster that keeps attempting to mate with a duck?

My neighbors rooster jumped on their mallard and 3 weeks later the mallard had 1 chick and 2 ducklings. The chick is light and dark brown.

How can you tell Mallard ducklings apart safely?

The ducklings need to be sexed and it is never safe for an unexperience person to try. go to an avian vet. find one at